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Monthly Update: Month One

Weight, Length, Height: Okay so at 39 weeks pregnant I was 14 stone, and had 2 weeks of growth left. At birth, Robin weighed 9lb 1oz, dropped to 8lb 4oz before starting to gain again. At 4 weeks old she weighed in at 10lb 12.5 oz. And I weighed in at 12 stone.

Routine: Haha! That’s a lie actually we do have some routine. She feeds every 2.5 to 3 hours in the day and is already having a 4-5 hour gap overnight. Nothing else. Yet.

Bedtime: We go upstairs about 9pm,have a feed and are asleep by ten. Other than waking for feeds, she then sleeps until about 7am. Wake up time depends on how light it is outside. Apparently both of my children knew day from night pretty quickly, it just depends on when the sun rises!

Naps/Length: She refuses to sleep properly during the day so she can have very quick naps or mammoth daytime sleeps. Mainly only on me. With a nipple near her mouth. I’m finding it quite difficult really. If she decides she wants to be awake after a feed (which is fine in principal) she can’t make it to the next feed being awake so just screams. I jiggle her, rock her and she calms but fights sleep so much. And she’s so heavy now. Even in a sling I can’t carry her all the time. I might be getting good sleep (we are bed sharing) but I still tire very easily. I find myself crying a lot.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: We’re averaging 8 or 9 over a day with my food intake not having actually increased at all. Unlike last time.

Favourite toy/objects: My Boobie!

What she hates: wet wipes on her bum. I think it’s the coldness of them as she doesn’t scream at cotton wool wipes. She hates when I go for a bath and she can scream for the whole 20 minutes. And other baby basic hates like being put down, mummy taking more than 2seconds to get a boob out and sometimes the scary man who everyone calls Daddy.

Clothing age: outgrown newborn and definitely in 0-3 clothing. And I reckon we’re going to stop size 1 nappies. Just in case she has a growth spurt and then we havea load she can’t fit in!

Foot length/Shoe Size: Born with a foot measuring 8cm, today it is 8.2cm.

Milestones: She can track me/my finger and can now turn her head left to right whilst lying on her back. She also has moderate neck strength already. I also, honestly, think she’s trying to smile. She likes looking up at her dragonfly swatter on the Fisher Price rocker. Major milestone of having had 3 baths in a month! Already within 4 weeks she’s awake slightly more and happy to be under her gym, in her rocker or on her change mat.

What I’m reading/Favourite Books: She fell asleep to me reading Tabby McTat one night. I’m nowhere close to reading anymore of Storm of Swords at the moment but am about half way through The 100 which is on my Kindle. I’m really enjoying it, but it’s making me torn on my “ship” in the show.

Parenting Revelation: It is soooo odd going from routine to none at all over night. Because we have a toddler in tow and I can’t seem to remember the first few months at all. From 4 months, Elvis had formed a routine that I worked with. I have no idea about the first 4. It’s so odd to still have Elvis and his patterns and then Robin who sometimes dozes for 10 minutes and then is ready for another hour. I can only hope that she falls into his routine!


Banana Bathtime Dressed

Okay, the title makes no sense… except these are three of the words that Elvis can now sign! His first sign was help and then bathtime. He was just under one when he did help and maybe 13 months for telling us it was bathtime. I found these two really helpful because help means that Elvis doesn’t have to squinny at me to get a toy, climb onto a chair, open his cup. Some mums have said that help made their baby lazy, asking for help all the time. I haven’t noticed that. Yet.

Bathtime is also useful as it signifies bedtime  and has been used when Elvis simply wants an early night!

The two most done signs by me to him have been sleep, food and more. Well, at 15 months he has finally started doing food! Along with dressed and banana. Well, banana isn’t exact but it is two fingertips touching. He tries to do more but he really just claps. He also tries all done but really only rubs his hands together, which is also reading. All of these occurred within a few days. He might even be trying to do monkey and repeated pig for daddy! I think it simply took Elvis all of these 16 months to want to sign as he now watches my hands more attentively and allows me to take his hands and correct a sign.

I better start signing more!

~ P

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End of the Year

Sometimes I dread the thought of going back to work.  Other times, after a day where I had insomnia and Elvis has a very rare day of refusing to nap, I can’t rush the remaining few weeks.

He had a very bad day the other day where he barely napped, I took him to a group at his usual nap time ao it was entirely my fault! But it got me worried. Elvis will be at nursery all morning 4 mornings a week and he usually naps in the morning for at least an hour and a half. What if he doesn’t at nursery and then refuses at home? What if he does spend half of his nursery time asleep, isn’t that equally as annoying?

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Out with the Old…

… And in with the new.

That’s how I’m seeing Elvis’ birthday and holiday to Spain; when we return there are about 5 weeks until we graduate and start nursery/work. That is 5 weeks to establish a new routine to at least guide the nursery as best as we can.

Currently our routine looks roughly like this most days –
0700 Mummy get up
0730 (unless still asleep) Elvis get up.
0930 (unless a baby group) Elvis nap until 1130
1200 (unless his nap started later) Elvis lunch
1500 Elvis nap, unless he had enough or had a late nap in the morning, then this is at 1600
1700 Elvis dinner
1815 Elvis bath, story, milk and then bed at 1900.

All I know about the 5 weeks post holiday, and graduation, is that I want the 1700 onwards routine to remain un-altered and that we’re all going to have to get up at 0630. Presumably I will have to add one or two snack times in if breakfast is earlier and his naps may simply time shift.

Or they may not; that’s what the 5 weeks prep are.

I’ve never fully dictated Elvis’ schedule before, not how I will dictate and change his waking time and it is a little scary!
~ P

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Walk On By

It first happened a few days ago. I thought it was a fluke. Then we caught it on tape. Now we do it every bathtime…

Elvis can walk using his push along walker!

Downstairs we have laminate floor and rugs so Elvis slips too easily, so Mr Second Hand VTech Walker has gone upstairs. At bathtime we now make E walk from the stairs to his bedroom, then in his nappy to the bathroom and then back to his bedroom after his bath.

I’m going to start doing it during the day, too.

More mobility!

~ P

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Needing… Something

I’m having a bad few days. I’m sure it’s a combination of many little things. I know I should try and think on the positive, but it just doesn’t seem to be helping.

Hubby’s back at work. Elvis is on his second day of being a bit clingy, crying easier than usual. I feel like I’m losing or have lost most of my old friends and those that are still around don’t want to be. My nose is constantly running. I’m awake half the night coughing my lungs up. I have no idea what’s wrong with E, possibly he’s having separation anxiety from his Daddy? I tried to talk to friends about him being back at work, received comments implying I’m lucky to have had him. Only new mummy friends have really had any sympathy.

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Trial Run: Lone Parenting

No, my marriage is all fine, I simply mean the act of parenting on your own. Most people do this quite often. Normally one parent, or the parent, spends all day alone with their child whilst the other works. It’s normal. Except not for me. For almost 3 months, I’ve had hubby home all the time, no lone parenting for me at all.

Good news: hubby got a new job.

Bad news: I have to be a lone parenter!

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Monthly Update: Month 5

Weight: 18lb 8.

Bedtime: Same as last month, 1900 for him, 2130 for me after his dreamfeed. The bedtime routine is now set – bathtime, feed, reading, bed. But sleep still needs 20-30 minutes of settling and replacing of the dummy.

Naps/Length: 3 naps of half an hour, maybe one might be an hour. Because of the nights getting darker, Elvis has stopped taking that final nap. It’s a stretch getting him to bedtime.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: approximately 6 with one still being in the early hours of the morning (6am-ish).

Favourite toy/objects: Rattles and playgyms. He seems bored of his mobile now. He loves his Mickey Mouse, too!

Clothing age: 6-9 month. But he can still wear  3-6 month tops!

Foot length: 10cm.

Milestones: Elvis can roll! And bum shuffle! He’s on the move. Slowly! As a mummy milestone, my periods have come back. Boo!

My swimming ability: 950m, it’s slowly increasing.

What I’m reading: Still on a slow re-read of Game of Thrones.

New Foods: N/A

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Three Times A Baby

I found an amazing new blog yesterday, I can’t remember the name or link, but it should be in my blog roll and it’s written by a mum about ten weeks ahead of Elvis and I. Some of the posts are written from the pov of her daughter, these are so funny.

I haven’t gone all the way back on her blog, but I’ve read a few to learn that they had fertility issues, too and she hasn’t found this mothering malarkey the easiest thing in the early days. Something in one of her blogs reminded me how long sleeping through the night officially is.

It’s 5 hours.

Of course just because baby sleeps 5 it by no way means that the parents do.

Okay I found the link it’s What Viola Did Next. Anyway so officially sleeping through is baby sleeping 5 hours. Is that from feed to feed? Take last night, Elvis fed at 8pm and was asleep by 9pm. He then woke up at half 2 for a 20 minute feed and then half 4 for a 20 minute feed before waking up at just before 7.

I reckon that he only woke up twice during the night and then at 7. That’s 3 feeds after a 6.5 hour sleep if you accept that 8 until 2.30 was sleep. It has now dawned on me that I could attempt to make his 6 hours occur more at night. I could try and wake him or delay a feed until 10pm where he could sleep until 5am.

I’m not sure I should try this yet. Just this past week, the heat and increased daylight has upset Elvis going to bed, sometimes reaching gone 9. I can’t remember how long he then slept for. Often if he feeds at 4am he can then stay awake a few hours as it’s daylight already. And then he often (I join him most days) has an amazing nap from 8 or 9am until midday!

I’d love him to stay up until 10pm, both of us seeing more of Daddy, and sleep until 5, have a feed and wake up at 8 or 9. But would I lose the few hours I get in the morning? Could I shift them to the early evening? Would the summer heat and light prevent it?

I’ve tried regulating the feeds in the early evening to try and get the 8pm just a bit later, but I’m not sure it did much. Elvis isn’t fully 8 weeks old yet, there’s time to try and shift him to a better bedtime. I am going to start a bedtime routine though. Any ideas from you other bloggers? Any handy tips? Should I wait a bit longer? Include a massage and bath every night or alternate? When should I start using bath lotions and soap?

Let me know what worked for your little ones!

~ Persephone M


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