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Month Update: Month 2

Weight: 14lb 9

Bedtime: Elvis’ at 1930, mine around 2000! But we’re still bed-sharing with Daddy on the sofa!

Naps/Length: Hit and miss – he’s still just kinda always sleeping.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: approximately 8. He can manage 5 hours overnight without a feed.

Favourite toy/objects: Loves his playgym at Nanny’s. Oh, and his cot mobile can entertain him for a full 20 minutes whilst I get a quick rest on the bed!

Clothing age: Already in 3-6 month! Holy Hell!

Foot length: 8.8cm.

Milestones: Aiming with his hands and getting much, much better at tummy time and holding his head, although he could do both of these last month.

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Weekly Weigh In

I’m sure I posted last week with my weight of 69kg – I’m the same this week and my ‘new’ post pregnancy shorts are a bit looser. And I still haven’t done anything to purposefully lose it! Rock on, boobies!

Meanwhile, Elvis got weighed today. He was 11 pound two weeks ago and now… 12 pound 14! Double rock on, boobies!!

He’s less than 2 months old and too heavy/long for 0-3 clothes. I had to send nanny out for an emergency supply of 3-6 short sleeved vests. When the heatwave ends I’ll worry about other clothes. I’m glad he only feeds a few times overnight and does have some 4hr gaps day and night. Imagine how big he’d be if he fed every 2 or 3 hours all day?!?!

~ Persephone M

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Errors (A Comedy of)

Today was going so well… so well until we both decided to start hurting Elvis.

He’s slept alot but then I also had a lovely playtime with him. We lie on the bed and I pull funny faces, smile and encourage him to get mummy, which means touch (hit) my face with his fist. And he gets kisses when he does. He also plays follow the hairband – I use it to remind me which boob I’m on – and noticed that he was following my wrist with his eyes. Then he had some tummy time and then we shared a quick nap

Then the errors!

First, as Daddy was trimming nails, Elvis’ piercing painful cry – he’d drawn blood. Oops.

Then, at bathtime as I was washing his face, I decided to wash under his nose with a flannel as he inhaled. Oh the tears! Essentially I tried to drown Elvis. He’s enjoyed his other baths so I’m hoping I haven’t scarred him for life.

Rookie mistakes that we’ll learn from, but still I felt awful at forcing him to drink bath water!

~ Persephone M

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Mummy Moment: Mac Time

First of all, here are the latest Nanny purchases – I love the Monsters Inc one. All three are different ages to really prolong their life! I might have to go back to the shop and buy this adorable swimming outfit I saw for Elvis in a year.

Onto the Mummy Moment though. These are moments when I get to do something purely for me, preferably with no baby anywhere near me! So, Mac Time means me getting time on my mac without Elvis feeding off of me. He might be asleep in the same room or next door, but it’s my time (he happens to be asleep downstairs with Daddy keeping a close eye on him, and seeing as the nights are better, I don’t feel the need for a nap). So I’m going to sort out some photos of the little one and get a printing batch ready.

Afterall he’s already over a month old and no one has any photos of him!

~ Persephone M

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Worry Lines

My son, despite being less than 5 weeks old still, has this amazingly cute forehead. When he’s just lying there, it’s just a normal forehead, but when he stretches or lazily unattaches sleepy and full, it is the cutest thing he does. It’s even cuter than his smile.

It wrinkles with these 4 lines and his eyebrows raise as his whole entire face kinda stretches. His forehead worry lines are the cutest thing ever, but I’m the only one who ever really sees it because no-one looks that closely when Elvis is feeding. Obviously.

His are cute.

However, my own worry lines must have got worse since he’s been born!

We tried the fan in the bedroom last night. Epic Fail! Obviously it was happily making noise and either Elvis wasn’t being a restless sleeper or the fan was doing its job. Except this meant that I couldn’t hear his breathing. Well, duh, isn’t that the point? But I was going to worry so off went the fan and it was back to Elvis sleeping on me.

Now it’s either his new natural rythym, being cooler or co-sharing, but he fed at 8pm, settled to sleep by 9pm and then woke up at 2am, partially because I was worried and woke him up to feed. It’s the longest he’s done and my boobs were so engorged I tried him on the 2nd, which he spat back up. Then he didn’t wake for another feed for another 4hrs.

Don’t get me wrong I feel lovely and rested today. I’ve been out leisurely shopping, washed up, put washing on (the 2nd boob spit up was all over my bedsheet and pyjamas), changed duvet cases. But I’m now worried that he might not be eating enough during the day.

I have no evidence to say he isn’t. Wet and dirty nappies – yep. Feeding 6-8 times in 24 hours – yep, well he’s on his 5th and we’re just over half way through the day. Plus this feed has lasted an hour and he is actively feeding!

I’m probably worrying over nothing, like the breathing, but I might go get him weighed Monday just to check he’s still gaining!

It’s my job, right, to worry?

My selfish moment of the day? Wanting half an hour dozing in my bed without Elvis and with hubby. Did I get it? No. Oh well, I got over it.

~ Persephone M

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Sometimes, I Just Don’t Know

Last night hubby went straight on the sofa so I could have Elvis on me for the long sleep, which was fine until 0100 when he awoke for a feed and then refused to settle.

I ended up taking a time out in the bathroom trying to calm myself.

Hubby woke up, helped calm us both and then got back into bed for the rest of the night. It dawned on me regarding my sleep options that moving Elvis into his own room and me getting up to feed isn’t that different to now when I have to go into the nursery to change him!

Anyway, I bought a fan today which will hopefully cool the bedroom and provide me with enough white noise. Because today and yesterday I’ve felt so rested. There was a sneaky 2hr nap this afternoon for both of us! The nap was after Elvis’ first photo shoot whrre he was amazingly cute, smiley and well-behaved. I get to view the images next Friday. Five come as part of the package, how many extras will I buy?

After our nap though, I played with Elvis for a bit – singing on his jungle gym and smiling lots. But after a while… I get bored. Is that so terrible? And then I don’t know what to do. When can he amuse himself? He likes just staring at things, am I a bad parent if I let him?

I think he just has these fussy moments where he needs to be held and then what? How do I stop feeling bored? Or at least just get a little bit of time to myself? Am I already failing him?

~ Persephone M


Sleeping Options

After the almost 5 hour sleep Elvis had on me there was then a 2 hour and just under 1 hour (which ended with Elvis vomiting all over me in our sleep. It was just gone 5am and it was in my hair and all over my boob. And it stunk!), but I’ve spent the day feeling really refreshed. I did have another hour at 7am when Elvis napped.

Clearly something went well last night.

Vomit aside.

This is either because he was more comfortable on me or because he doesn’t make noise when he’s on me.

The options:

A). Co-Sleeping
At least for the first part of the night, to get a block of sound sleep. This means that hubby has to be on the sofa and can potentially lead to the bad habit of Elvis sleeping in our bed, but I’d get sleep and can always put him in his Moses after night-time feeds.

B). Move His Moses Basket
We live in a small 2 bedroom house where I can see the cot as I lie in bed. I’m sure, given the size, that I’d still hear every noise with both doors open and no baby monitor! So I could move him with no issues over hearing him. However, having just cracked feeding in bed, I’d be night-time feeding in the nursery. This potentially means less sleep for me, unless having his noises quietened gives me more sleep! Given that I intend to feed for longer than he can stay in the Moses, I’ll eventually have night-time feeds in the nursery anyway.

C). Try White Noise
Especially given the heatwave (which may actually be over) but both the nursery and my room run at over 20 degrees, a fan may solve two issues. Or it may solve neither. I don’t think I can do the un-tuned radio as I’d go crazy and too much noise would confuse Elvis regarding day and night.

D). Get Over It
I can hope my sensitive hearing toughens up or I get used to it or just learn to deal with a lack of sleep.

Ideally I don’t want to make a decision that hinders any of us, especially Elvis, in the long-term or short-term, but I need to sleep! Otherwise I won’t make a good daytime mum. Help!

~ Persephone M


No Longer a Newborn?

As Elvis is now a whole 28 days old, I’ve decided that he’s no longer a newborn. He’s now in the 0-3 months category.

When I was trying to work out how long newborn lasts for, Google didn’t help much. Some search results said 28 days, others 6-8 weeks and others 3 months. I picked the 28 days definition as it also fits with him starting to outgrow his newborn clothes (some are up to 9lb, which he’s bigger than).

Does that mean I can simply call him baby?

Or does it not really matter or make any difference?

I went to a breastfeeding drop in group today and I really did find it amazing that, firstly, 4 month old babies are massive, and, secondly, how easy attachment becomes. In 4 weeks I’ve already noticed how much easier it’s become, but all the other mums nade it look positively simple. There was even one mum who’s simultaneously feeding her 18 month and 4 month old! It was really odd to see a toddler sitting up to feed.

The weirdest thing, to me, was that everyone was feeding their babies whilst there. I’ve only ever really seen 2 people breastfeed before and they weren’t at the same time. There were 4 or 5 mothers all feeding at the same time. I think it struck me as odd that they all needed feeding during the group.

Whilst attending was good, it probably wasn’t the wisest thing as I got so little night-time sleep due to Elvis’ noises and cut my morning nap short to get to the group. Although Elvis and I both woke up starving. I then missed my afternoon nap because Elvis fell asleep in puschair at the wrong time and I decided against waking him.

In the past 24 hours I’ve had maybe 4 hours of sleep and tonight’s too hot again. Fingers crossed Elvis is quiet tonight, but at least I know I can sleep with him on me. It’s just hot!

Here’s hoping for a quiet night from my month old baby!

~ Persephone M


Baby Bargains

After staying in bed with Elvis until about 11 this morning, I needed to pop to the shops for bread and decided to visit the bank and a second hand baby shop nearby. Now normally Elvis will fall straight asleep in his pram.

That is for anyone other than me.

Until today where he was the perfect sleeping baby as I bought bread, opened a bank account for him and raided the bags of clothes in the 2nd hand shop.

After the nap around the shops, I  ate my lunch as Elvis had his and by 4pm I decided I needed a nap so took us both up to bed where hubby found us almost 3 hours later. For a short while Elvis was calm enough in his little chair that I actually ate a meal at the kitchen table and not over him!

He fed all evening from around 8pm until I actually managed to soothe him and settle him to sleep without feeding. Until he spat up and decided he wanted supper.

I know there’s still time, but I haven’t cried yet today and I think it’s been at least 24hours since my last cry. The soreness is a lot less – back and nipples. I’m also far less tired, even with his increased naps today.

There’s a bit of worry concerning his spitting up and coughing/spluttering during my letdown, but those are worries and not frustrations.

Plus I got some amazing bargains today. At least 6 new long sleeved vests (for sleeping in), 3 baby grows and 9 sleep suits all for 0-3 months and all for under £7! And, although we have a baby carrier that daddy loves, I wanted one that I can feed in. Asking in the 2nd hand shop and they had a cream coloured Babasling for less than half rrp and just in that day.

They normally only sell them on their ebay shop, but I asked at the exact right time. Popped it in the wash and it’s drying now so hopefully Elvis and I can try it tomorrow.

Good naps, good purchases, no real aching pain and no tears, what else could I ask for?

~ Persephone M

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