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Monthly Update: Month 6

Weight: 19lb 1.

Bedtime: Same as last month, 7pm for him and half 9 for him. He still stirs in the night and needs his dummy, but Daddy and I take it in shifts!

Naps/Length: 3, maximum of 3/4 of an hour each. We’re starting to struggle with his last nap and making it to bedtime!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 feeds. He can still go 9 hours overnight. Maybe a few more!

Favourite toy/objects: Elvis loves standing on his walker and playing with the front of it.

Clothing age: Still 6-9 months.

Foot length: 10cm.

Milestones: Can stand holding on/leaning on toys. We bought him a second hand “sit to stand” tower and he can pull himself up when he’s sitting on our laps.

My swimming ability: 1000m.

What I’m reading: Still on Game of Thrones re-read.

New Foods: Just the basics for starting to introduce solids.

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