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Reading Corner: Christmas Books

For Christmas, I made a polite request that, if friends and family wanted to buy presents for Elvis, that they buy him books and he got loads! We read together every night at bedtime and I keep buying cheap second hand books, too. I’m addicted! I just don’t really like paying such large prices for books. I don’t agree with buying myself full price books. The only ones I tend to buy for full price are the newest ASOIAF books, all others I try and wait to find them second hand. So, if I begrudge paying £7+ for a book that has 1000s of words and that I do re-read, how can I justify the same price for books with fewer than 100 words for him?

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Clearly my New Year’s Resolution was not to blog more. Or if it was, I have failed spectacularly.

I want to tell you all that I’m going to try harder, but I really don’t want to make any promises!

Sometimes blogging seems redundant because nothing really happens. Except there is stuff happening every day. Is it stuff other people want to read about? I don’t know. Sometimes what I want to blog about isn’t socially acceptable and I no longer have any privacy on this blog (do I need a new one?). Then I think I’ve already failed in a parenting blog because I’ve missed blogging so much (when did breastfeeding get easier, when did sleeping become more than an hour here or there, when did Elvis start sitting, commando crawling, crawling and standing). But actually missing a few months in his first 8 isn’t a drop in the pond realistically!

So maybe I’m going to try harder and utilise a secret blog that I’ve had for years!

~ P


Monthly Update: Month 7

Weight: 20lb 2 at 7 and a half months.

Bedtime: 7pm for him, bedtime and bathtime are pretty set now. He goes to sleep so much quicker now at night. My bedtime’s still half 9.

Naps/Length: three between 30mins and an hour. I try to make at least two of them be in his cot. He can still fights his naps for me, but he doesn’t for Daddy!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 on an average day mainly because I’ve cut out his first one to serve breakfast instead. Technically he goes up to 11 hours without a feed.

Favourite toy/objects: He loves maracas and his toy remote control. Bargain toys for pennies and they are what he picks. He still loves standing on his walker, too.

Clothing age: Gone up to 9-12 in sleepsuits, but everything else is still 6-9.

Foot length: 10.3cm.

Milestones: He can commando crawl with one arm doing the work, he looks like a wounded soldier! He’s also taken to crying when I leave the room unless there’s another adult there to entertain him.

My swimming ability: 1000m

What I’m reading: I’ve made it onto Clash of Kings in my re-read. And I’m loving it far more the second time around!

New Foods:

He tried Dough Sticks at Pizza Express when we went out for Daddy’s birthday. Yum!

Number of Stairs: He can climb up a whole step!

Time Across The Landing: It takes 90secs to cross the landing at Nanny’s house!

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