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Craft Corner: First Birthday Card

I don’t really like birthday cards. I feel like they’re a waste of money and normally just get thrown in the bin, so for Elvis’ first birthday I decided to make, I guess a signing book instead. We did still receive some birthday cards (people who couldn’t make his party), but I tried to even send on the “guest” pages to family to send back! All I needed for this was:

  • a pinboard
  • sparkly/holographic card
  • scissors
  • wool
  • pins
  • blue paint and blue glitter paint
  • a star shape
  • pens

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Craft Corner: Buttons!

For Elvis’ first birthday, I saw two amazing pins that I decided to adapt. One was a collection of 3 images, in each one the birthday child is holding a stencil of the letters O, N and E. The other pin was a button letter, probably from an Etsy listing. Well, I decided that I wanted to combine the 2 pins at a minimal cost.

Then, after finding that a success, I decided I would make a set in advance for Elvis’ second birthday. Oh, and I decided to try and make a button Christmas tree and maybe some button Christmas cards (again, from a pin). I’m not sure if I got the button Christmas tree idea from pinterest.

All I needed for all of these tasks were:

  • Buttons – blue, yellow, green and red
  • Canvases – at least 3 the same size for O, N and E and a more oblong shape for the tree
  • Some blank cards
  • Plain, white or colourless thread with a needle (or superglue)
  • Coloured thread for the cards

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First Fathers’ Day

Yeah, I’m a day late, I’m also the tired mother of a newborn so daddy hasn’t received his first fathers’ day present and card yet.

Ok so the present still isn’t ready. I need to print a picture for a photo frame for daddy to put on his desk at work. It’s the photo the midwife took of daddy in his blue scrubs holding Elvis moments after he was born.

The card, though, that’s what took the effort. On the front of the card is a plain box with the title My Masterpiece and space to draw in the box, labelling it underneath with name and age.

Today I had the time to enact my plan. I have these tiny mini inkpads and I took the blue and yellow (daddy’s football team colours) and carefully inked up Elvis’ hand and foot seperately before pressing them onto the card. With the hand, I did a finger or two at a time and wet-wiped them immediately. With his foot, I inked up a whole section and the toes – feet don’t curl into a ball like hands!

Oh and he was asleep through this!

The inks came off straight away with the first wetwipes I reached (happened to be Huggies). I’m quite proud of Elvis’ artwork. It truly is a masterpiece!

~ Persephone M


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