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Gift Wrapping – Made Easy!

My mum is a QVC addict and most of my Christmas presents came in these super amazing bags – Gift Mate at QVC. They also do an Everyday set. I think I was more in love with the bags than the presents; it’s just so handy and clever. I hate wrapping paper and the fact that most places won’t /can’t recycle it.

These bags aren’t ideal for every type of present and, although they’d save you money if you could re-use them every year, the chances are you’d give them away to someone else to re-use! They were good for clothes which can be difficult to wrap, and teddy bears. I think I got toiletries in them, too. They drawstring close and are made of a foil type material that seems quite hardy. Obviously the ones I now have, have only been used once and they weren’t handled by children.

I probably wouldn’t use them for children (where’s the fun in that for kids?) But I might even buy my own set of Everyday bags. The small ones are a perfect size for jewellery and the biggest size easily fitted a teddy bear bought for Robin. I think they make a perfect addition to other types of gift wrap in your collection – ideally to also convince everyone else you know to use them so you get a fresh supply!

I love anything that decreases waste!

~ P

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Post Christmas Crafts – Christmas Eve Boxes

I first heard about Christmas Eve boxes through, yep, of course, pinterest and I know that some people do it with pre bought boxes and there are variations on the contents. I even know a local company that sells fully made up Christmas Eve boxes. Well, I decided that I’m poor this Christmas and so needed to make 4 boxes (4th is for Nanny) and I decided that not everyone’s will be exactly the same – I hope that in the years to come, the adults each go and buy certain things so it isn’t all me! Haha!

Here’s what I needed/used to make the boxes:

  • 4 shoeboxes
  • Red paint
  • Foam Letters – to name each box
  • Christmassy tissue paper – for the inside

Somehow, incredibly surprisingly, I managed to find 4 empty shoeboxes scattered through my house in the run up to Christmas. I assume some are from the house move and some were just from hubby’s trainer addiction. Two of the boxes were red in colour to start with — even better! The other two were very dark boxes so needed a lot of red paint!

My hope is also to get the kiddies to help out decorating them, adding a few things each year. I also might get them to decorate the interiors as I doubt the tissue paper will last too many years!

As for the contents this year (I’m hesitant on how much Elvis will actually understand), I’ve opted for –

  • New pyjamas for all 4 of us to wear on Christmas morning for present opening
  • Christmas socks to wear on Christmas Day
  • Popcorn for the adults to eat on Christmas Eve night and I’ll find something snacky for Elvis
  • Santa key for Elvis. I’m not sure if he’ll understand that or reindeer food
  • A DVD for Daddy (we have Ice Age 1, 2 and 4) but none for Nanny, Elvis or me
  • Hot chocolate gifts, Elvis not included

What do you put in yours?

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Memories: Last Christmas…

… I gave you my heart and the very next day, you gave it away!

Okay, the second part of the song has no relevance whatsoever. This is the link to the post I made last Christmas. Yep, on Christmas Day I found time to blog. Of course I did. Not because I’m obsessed with blogging, but simply because I, in my role as Mother, was alone in a dark room, depressed and with a finally sleeping baby in my arms. This post is being scheduled for Christmas Eve, not written on Christmas Eve.

I’d like to say, and am able to say, that a year later and things are far better. Last Christmas, we spent the days around it staying at Nanny’s, the day itself at an Aunt’s. Basically Elvis was completely out of his comfort zone. That was my mistake and I learnt from it. Since then, I have been tougher on seeing people, on doing things that I know upset or cause turmoil to Elvis. Partly for his benefit and partly for mine! Haha! I did spend a huge part of his first year, and more, feeling that I was alone in my role as Mother, that there was no other role for me. And then we hit a year, then we stopped breast feeding all together, then we started “normal” life – nursery and work – and then I had moments of me, not just Mother. The clock is ticking on Robin’s arrival (Christmas Day = 37 weeks!) and I know that with that comes another period of time where I may happen to be mainly Mother all of the time, but I’d like to think that I can cope with it a second time around, that I can fight my corner this time around and that I know it will come to an end!

To those of you who always retained your freedom or never cared it had gone, Merry Christmas!

To those of you who are awaiting a new bundle of joy, Merry Christmas!

To those of you “suffering” through a stressful Christmas because your child only wants you, Merry Christmas!

To those of you with no external help, Merry Christmas!

To those of you hoping to have more on your plate than Motherhood, Merry Christmas!

And may the New Year bring you the answer/solution/time/opportunity for you to be exactly who you want. At some point!

~ P x

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Craft Corner: Buttons!

For Elvis’ first birthday, I saw two amazing pins that I decided to adapt. One was a collection of 3 images, in each one the birthday child is holding a stencil of the letters O, N and E. The other pin was a button letter, probably from an Etsy listing. Well, I decided that I wanted to combine the 2 pins at a minimal cost.

Then, after finding that a success, I decided I would make a set in advance for Elvis’ second birthday. Oh, and I decided to try and make a button Christmas tree and maybe some button Christmas cards (again, from a pin). I’m not sure if I got the button Christmas tree idea from pinterest.

All I needed for all of these tasks were:

  • Buttons – blue, yellow, green and red
  • Canvases – at least 3 the same size for O, N and E and a more oblong shape for the tree
  • Some blank cards
  • Plain, white or colourless thread with a needle (or superglue)
  • Coloured thread for the cards

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Merry Christmas?

When Elvis was about 4 weeks old, I took him to a gathering of friends to show him off. I was still exhausted all of the time and we were still struggling. Talking to my friends I did happen to say that it was all far harder than I had ever thought being a parent would be.

Someone replied: Well, it’s what you wanted.

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Countdown to Christmas

No, not an actual countdown, although I think it’s about 6 weeks away.

I’ve always been a big planner especially when it then comes to Christmas. I gather the gift guides, read them over and over and decide what I’m going to buy everyone. This year’s no different except I would probably have bought more by now.

I did start buying presents today, none for little Elvis yet!
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