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Days 11 and 12

Day 11and Baby Robin finally seems to have some awake periods, some times she can go in her rocking chair and lie happily staring. It’s only for small periods, but it’s more than just sleeping. Last night she finished her bedtime breastfeed at 11pm and didn’t feed again until half 6. It beats the 2 mornings of 4am cluster feeds, but will be a one off. She’s changing day by day and does some independent sleeping during the night  – by independent I mean next to me and not on me.

Daytimes she can be put down asleep but it doesn’t last long. She has an almost constant need to suckle during daylight hours. But even with night wakings she’s a far faster eater than Elvis was at this age so I’m pretty rested.

I have a shoulder pain, I got it with Elvis, too. From holding her, sitting and feeding her. I’m a tad resentful of breastfeeding at the moment. Meanwhile my scar is hurting pretty much whenever I move. It makes night feeds even worse. Perhaps she realised his and gave me last night off. I’m trying the biological nursing or laid back feeding position more to try and stop her incessant dribbling and decrease my shoulder pain.

She gained weight again today – 8lb 13oz up from 8lb 4 but still not at birthweight of 9lb 1oz.

Elvis’ pox are clearing up, they’re all scabbed over and he’s not on as much medication any more. But he’s still not himself. He refuses to walk anywhere and we’re not sure if it’s because he’s tired still or used to it or jealous of the baby. He has taken to Robin very well, careful around her, kisses her and tries to share his toys so it isn’t all bad.

He doesn’t seem to mind sitting next to me as I feed or at least just nurse. But we watch far too much tele to keep him calm (maybe more due to him being ill) and feed him biscuits. So I feel guilty.

Perhaps if we were formula feeding I’d feel less guilt towards him. But more to her.

Well, the 11th night made everything worse. I woke up at 1 with diarrhoea and vomiting. Of course, I’m the only one who can deal with Robin. This has then led to back cramps and dehydration headaches. I am so tempted by formula.

The only things stopping me are I remember it all getting better last time and then it all just became easy. She’s already starting, slowly, to fall into 3 hourly feeds with periods of alertness in between. So things are improving, but I feel like crap. Utter, twisty, cramping crap. I need to figure out more comfortable ways to feed in bed and sleep either with Robin or figuring out a way to put her down.

The only really comfortable places I can feed are the nursing chair and reclined on the sofa, but can we stay there all night?

How do you get a baby to stay asleep in their Moses Basket?

~ P

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Positive Post

I thought after my last few posts and a few good days (although I have been so tired today) that I would kinda do a sort of update of positive things. A lot of my posts have mentioned all of the problems I’ve encountered on the past 8 weeks. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned when those things have stopped or got better.

Nipple pain – I get occasional latch on pain, or when he’s being fussy, but the constant aches and pains are gone. I don’t use lanisoh all the time. I don’t always air dry. They have adapted.

Breast feeding at night – I basically don’t truly wake up. He stirs, I pop to the loo, rearrange the pillows, pick him up, latch, prop him and my arms with my legs, wait until he’s done. I put my head back and daydream or even doze. Whereas in the early days I needed to blog to stay awake, now blogging/twitter/Facebook wakes me up! I noticed this within the past week.

Bed sharing – I’m still doing it and I definitely will as long as this heat wave continues and as long as it makes it easier for nighttime feeding. I’m not scared of what people think of me for doing it, I’m no longer worried about the dangers because I’ve done my research – it doesn’t make me a bad or less capable parent. I have no idea how I’ll stop when I decide I need/want to.

Insomnia – I still get it for a few hours most nights. I just lie there calmly.

Daytime naps – I try to have one every other day but I can go a day, maybe two without any and be normal during the day.

Crying with exhaustion – yesterday I had no naps, Elvis fed for over an hour at bedtime and then it took me over an hour to go to sleep. Like Johnson’s baby shampoo, no tears! Oh and it was still boiling hot.

Dirty house – it’s by no means spotless but I can now keep on top of the washing up. I even cleaned the kitchen floor yesterday. Because Elvis can amuse himself for short periods.

Energy – I don’t need to snack through the night. I don’t eat as much junk food through the day and I’ve been preparing easy evening meals. Maybe this healthier element is why I’m coping better with the fewer hours of sleep.

I can’t think of anything else that was a huge problem over the past 8 weeks, I guess those rose tinted glasses are already coming in to effect. But in 8 weeks things have improved. I still don’t want a second child though!

~ Persephone M


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