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Driving Master Elvis

We’ve been a carless family since before Elvis was even considered. I attempted to start driving lessons years and years ago, but I got bored. Even now with Elvis, I have never felt like I have missed out on anything because neither hubby or I drive. But my husband wanted to learn to drive.

And he passed this week so has literally gone and bought a car.

And now the debate over car seats has started!

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Needing… Something

I’m having a bad few days. I’m sure it’s a combination of many little things. I know I should try and think on the positive, but it just doesn’t seem to be helping.

Hubby’s back at work. Elvis is on his second day of being a bit clingy, crying easier than usual. I feel like I’m losing or have lost most of my old friends and those that are still around don’t want to be. My nose is constantly running. I’m awake half the night coughing my lungs up. I have no idea what’s wrong with E, possibly he’s having separation anxiety from his Daddy? I tried to talk to friends about him being back at work, received comments implying I’m lucky to have had him. Only new mummy friends have really had any sympathy.

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Trial Run: Lone Parenting

No, my marriage is all fine, I simply mean the act of parenting on your own. Most people do this quite often. Normally one parent, or the parent, spends all day alone with their child whilst the other works. It’s normal. Except not for me. For almost 3 months, I’ve had hubby home all the time, no lone parenting for me at all.

Good news: hubby got a new job.

Bad news: I have to be a lone parenter!

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Driving Away in A Big Black Cab

Okay so actually the taxi wasn’t black.

It wasn’t a big taxi cab either, just a regular taxi. And it did drive me away last night.

At 10pm, after Elvis’ dream feed, I called a taxi and left.

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Monthly Update: Month 4

Weight: 17lb 7. Pretty sure he’s doubled his birth weight now! Woo!

Bedtime: He now goes to bed at 7pm in his cot! We did the big move! My bedtime is now 2130 after dreamfeeding Elvis. He still stirs overnight and the cot is further away than the Moses basket ever was, but it’s manageable. We try our hardest to not bring him into bed, so I no longer feel completely attached to him!

Naps/Length: 4 at half an hour. His final nap is at about 5, that’s how we delayed his bedtime back to 7 slightly so that Daddy can actually see his son! The naps are now also in the cot. All sleep can take about half an hour of settling, being on hand to replace his dummy. Sometimes I hate that thing!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: Approximately 6. He can now go 9 hours overnight, he still stirs, but he doesn’t need feeding so I certainly don’t get 9 hours!

Favourite toy/objects: He loves rattles. To chew on mainly, not rattle!

Clothing age: 3-6 months still.

Foot length: 10cm

Milestones: Elvis can sit up unaided. Still no signs of rolling, but he can sit so who cares!

My swimming ability: 900m.

What I’m reading: Still on a slow re-read of Game of Thrones.

New Foods: N/A

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Monthly Update: Month 3

Weight: 16lb, that’s over a pound since last time! But he hasn’t quite doubled his birth weight yet.

Bedtime: Elvis has started going to bed at 1800, me at 2000. He’s in his moses basket in our bedroom for the first part of the night, then he ends up in bed with both of us (Daddy’s not on the sofa!). I was sick of the co-sleeping and it had to stop. I now have a few hours to myself on an evening. What a luxury!

Naps/Length: He’s started having proper naps, he has about 3 of half an hour. In his Moses, not on me and with a dummy, not from a feed. There is a definite routine starting to form now.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: approximately 7. He can go 6 hours overnight now!

Favourite toy/objects: Same as last time, his playgym and mobile. He does also like some of his rattles and teethers a lot. He also likes batting at his normal playgym, giving me time to have a quick wee!

Clothing age: Still in 3-6 months.

Foot length: 9.8cm.

Milestones: No significant other than sleeping on his own!

My swimming ability: 700m, in perspective, when I started regular swimming at about 24 weeks pregnant, I could manage 400m and when I stopped swimming at about 38weeks I could do 600m.

What I’m reading: Slowly on my first re-read of Game of Thrones.

New Foods: N/A

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Jealous Reasons

I went to my local baby drop in group this morning and my new mummy friend, Mummy A has made me so jealous.

Her son, S, is a week or two younger than E and she and hubby had a meal out for their anniversary. S was left with his Granny for the night. And they’re doing the same tonight.

Now date night is the furthest thing from my mind, but a little break, with my husband? That’d be nice!
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Counting Down

I was really I’ll Tuesday night. Either a bug, food poisoning or heat stroke. For over three hours I couldn’t even keep water down. Despite my gro-egg saying it was 24 degrees, I was wrapped in my thick dressing gown and duvet. After I finished being sick I slept relatively well. Even if I did feel freezing in this heat wave. My bigger concern was Elvis staying hydrated if I couldn’t keep water down. At 5am we were both awake and I struggled to put him into his cot as I lay on the floor beside him. I was physically drained, there was no food fuelling me at all. Hubby took me to Nanny’s (who didn’t hear a thing and is now concerned she wouldn’t hear burglars) because we weren’t sure if I would keep my toast down.

Maybe it was because yesterday was so bad (no more vomiting, but I was still feverish) or maybe because I feel trapped in the house, but I just keep counting down 3 hourly blocks.
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Alone With Elvis

I think Alone used to be a main tag out theme of poetry on what was my main blog; in some ways it was/is one of my greatest fears. Oddly as an only child who is still able to thoroughly entertain myself alone, I still hate feeling alone. Even now I would rather spend my days on my own with Elvis with some item of technology Рcomputer, pad or TV. At the most I currently only really like sharing my time with my mother. Perhaps because she understands, perhaps because she  gives me space and aid.

I can spend hours at my mum’s and feel a bit human. She can chat away to her grandson and I can eat in peace, drink a hot cup of tea, go to the loo, have a lie down, hold an adult conversation with her or her friends. This is all because she only has those hours I visit.

The time I actually feel alone the most is in the evening or weekends when it’s just me, my husband and my son.
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Baby Firsts: Bathtime and Nails

Before anyone judges, I have been cleaning Elvis, he’s just spent almost 4 weeks of his life without having an actual bath. We did give him a half bath when he urinated all over himself, but tonight we put him in his actual baby bath.

Whilst he was still sitting on his bargain baby bather, we sprinkled him with water and wiped him over – hubby enjoyed sprinkling water over Elvis’ head – Elvis did wee. Luckily the bather was in the bath. It was quite difficult leaning over the bath so next time I might put the baby bath on the floor once it has water in it.

Then I put Elvis in the baby bath, one arm securely(ish) under his neck/shoulders. And he didn’t cry or scream or seem bothered at all. I think it bodes well for the future. After taking him out of the bath, I wrapped him in a hooded towel and cuddled whilst drying him.

I was worried that he’d get cold out of the bath, but he seemed okay. There’s so much constant emphasis on temperature – of the bath water, of the bathroom, of every room in the house, of when in the car, in the pushchair. It becomes so difficult – 20degrees at night is cold to me!

Although I won’t then take him to the nursery to get dressed – what if he wees on route? Nothing major went wrong; I didn’t drop him, he didn’t drown and he didn’t cry at all! But I still want daddy home when I next give him a bath. Two pairs of hands and all.

Earlier today, before the bath, we finally cut Elvis’ nails. Or daddy the superhero did! Waiting until he was sleep-feeding, daddy then used the baby nail clippers as we both held various parts of Elvis’ hands and arms. Now he can’t scratch me anymore!

And I think it’s definitely a daddy job from now on. Plus it was made far easier today by the fact that all Elvis has done all day is feed. I think it’s because it’s the weekend and any sense of routine that Elvis had created Monday to Friday is gone. I’m hoping it comes back next week and then I’ll simply force it to be stuck to over the weekend in future.

Unless his constant desire to feed is another bloody growth spurt. He did go to bed okay at 2300 and has only just awoken for his next feed at 0200 so at least his cluster day/evening didn’t become night, too.

I’m not sure when we’ll give him another full bath, but I still don’t think there’s any point in using it as part of a bedtime routine. Not when his current bedtime routine is feed from 6pm with a change of clothes and into sleeping bag at 9pm and stopping feeding somewhere before 11pm. I’m not bathing him at 6 or 9 every night.

Elvis is still the one dictating when he feeds and sleeps, nothing else should be timetabled for him. Not yet.

~ Persephone M


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