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The lurgy has hit the household and I, once again, feel like I’m dying. It’s just a cold, maybe a mild flu (achey, hot sweats, cough, dizzy/feint spells), but I am always over the top dramatic. Lucky the lurgy hit after my day away at a convention in London. Technically it hit whilst I was away. Yep, the first time that Daddy had both children on his own all day long and they both slept, taking it in turns so he only ever really had one to deal with. Typical! It did result in me getting a message once I was on my way home –

Can you get a taxi from the station rather than walk? We have vomit.

Oh, dear. Elvis then slept all day Monday, too. Ahh, Monday, the day that was supposed to be our last day together for Robin and I. Elvis hijacked it. Tuesday, which was supposed to be the first of 9 super productive spring cleaning days ended up being me watching TV with Elvis (who was hyper and no longer sick, but we didn’t know that at half 7) whilst Robin had her first morning at nursery. Wednesday, which was supposed to be second super decluttering day became a 90% on it day as I started to feel the affects of the bug, but both kids were at the nursery and I got most of my to do list done.

So, today, Thursday, supposed to be day 3 of 9 of cleaning, decluttering, jogging, shopping, being me and being amazing… I slept in until 9am (Daddy did the whole breakfast and get to nursery on his own. He’s amazing), had a bath, ate cereal, watched The 100, bought cookies and cereal. Moved a box. Ate cookies. Tried to nap. Had lunch and lemsip. That was at 12 just before I headed off to pick up both kids. I started to feel better with that lemsip. I think I just needed that amazing rest. This illness has given me such a short fuse. Robin seems to have skipped it. Although this evening she kept crying for incredibly random reasons. She hit me in the face and I jokingly said “Ouch, be careful, no, that hurt.” No sternness in my voice at all, and with a smile. She burst into tears! Elvis has spent the week having what I guess people might call normal toddler temper tantrums, but they’ve been whiny.

“I don’t want to get up!” Whiny meltdown. “I want cinnamon squares.” Whiny meltdown. “I’m tired.” Whiny meltdown. “I don’t want to go bed.” Whiny meltdown. “I don’t want to watch TV.” Whiny meltdown. “I’m tired.”

Seriously, go the fuck to bed because I have an awful headache and want you to just stop fucking whining!

This week I have been far worse than shouty parent. I have been screaming parent. I have wanted to swear at my son. Because swearing tells the other person you mean business, right? I have come so close to wanting to hit him. Just. To. Shut. Him. Up. All because I was tired, drained and exhausted and my head hurt so much. But I went to bed for over 12 hours and spent Thursday morning doing absolutely nothing and I feel better. I feel no guilt because I wasn’t being lazy, I was being protective.

Yeah, I still haven’t done my first jog of 2016 (I had planned to jog on days 1 and 3), I still have a lot of things to do on my to do list, but my junk room is already looking more spacious, I still have clothes shopping to do for work (supposed to do on day 2), but I still have 6 days left.

Unless Robin gets ill. Let’s not go there.

Robin, who has taken to nursery like a pro. She’s even happy wearing her shoes now! Everyone keeps commenting on how good of a baby she is (yes, I kind of hate how a baby is judged by how well they sleep and what their temperament is like, but it is partly true, Robin goes to sleep easily, she is so laid back and easy going, she literally leans back on you and giggles looking up, if you aren’t there she simply bangs her head on the floor and laughs!) I guess in a nursery situation “good” babies are simply because they make the workers’ life a bit easier. Robin started crying in the garden, so she was taken up for a nap and was asleep in a minute. Because she rarely cries. She’s also not overly fussed to see me when I turn up. She’s incredibly content.

Oh, and despite his mood, Elvis came home from nursery this week with two sunflowers that he’d planted and a lovely Mother’s Day card with a tree handprint and pink finger print leaves (it’s Stickman’s family tree, apparently).

Before the lurgy hit, I had an amazing weekend. I did my weekly weigh in (forgot to post, but reached my first target! Whoop!), then I spent the day at the arcades and climbing castles with the family. Went on a date night with hubby and after a lovely meal, snuck in a cinema trip and watched Deadpool (weird, not quite my taste, but hilarious). Sunday I spent in London and met 5 actors from TV and film. I finally met Greg Grunberg and Miltos Yerelomou! I’ve waited years! I’m not sure I’ll do a weigh in this week as I still feel a bit rough and, quite frankly, I have a good reason for slacking. It’s not being lazy or indulgent, it’s trying to recover and resting. I guess I’ll count myself lucky that this thing hit once both were in nursery even if it only gave me a few hours a day rest!

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London Film and Comic Con Winter – October 2014

Apologies for the delay in this post! Life has been super, super manic!

Two years after my last successful convention (the summer version of this event was too manic and a disaster for me, personally), I made it to another one! With the thought in my head that it will be another two years before I can attend the next one (I’m avoiding the summer one forever and wouldn’t be able to go with a 6 month old, the conventions in Milton Keynes are at the wrong time of year really — one falls on my son’s birthday weekend), I was determined to enjoy this one and gave no regards to my usual budget! I guess I should explain the primary basic element of the conventions I go to; essentially I go to signing events. They are held over a day or weekend and have a variety of guests from across different fandoms and you pay to meet individual guests. For example, if you’re into Doctor Who you meet all of the DW guests, but ignore the Harry Potter. Or vice versa. On weekend conventions where it’s all about the one show (or small linked group of), meeting and getting an autograph with all of the guests tend to be included on your ticket price, but that’s why the ticket prices for a one day entry to a signing event are £8 (or free) and for a weekend convention they can be nearer the £100 mark.

I haven’t been to a weekend event in years and I don’t think I would now. I prefer the organisation, flexibility and randomness of signing events.

After I meet the list of guests that I want to meet, that’s when I hit the dealer tables to catch up on the collectable trading cards and maybe buy some random stuff. At this convention, I had a list of about 7 guests that I wanted to meet (I met them all) and only one TV show that I knew for definite I had trading cards to catch up on (2 years of Game of Thrones, but then I started Under the Dome and Grimm, too!) Surprisingly I stuck to within budget, even including travel costs and bought a few geek pieces of clothing for Elvis and Robin (a Gryffindor t-shirt and Star Trek Onesie).

I was very impressed with the amount of people who had young children with them — to the point that I am seriously trying to convince my husband to agree to us all attending next year! And I also loved how much extra seating there was around the place this time. I had two fears about the event – queuing for entry and needing to sit down inside. I worried that, even though I had pre-bought tickets for entry from 11am, the queue could be massive or I could get there too early (I got there at 1030, was in by 1105) and it wasn’t brilliant on my back. I also worried that once inside, there would be few seating areas and I would end up needing to sit on the floor which is not the most comfortable or lady like place for me to currently attempt to sit. Especially doing it multiple times. However, there was loads of seating around and as soon as I ever approached an empty seat, someone always said it’s free before I could really ask (perks of the bump). There was also loads of empty space around where I saw families having picnics on blankets (perks of a quieter event) and Sundays are usually even quieter so hopefully I can use that to my advantage when getting hubby to agree to go.

The seating was a definite major advantage with the fact that, even with short autograph queues, my back could not cope and I took at least 3 half hour rests (I was still home in time for dinner!) Next time, I would pre buy an early bird entry ticket but aim to get there for 10 or 11ish and just avoid that part of the queuing. But then, would I need to because I don’t plan on being pregnant in a year or two’s time!

~ P x

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Mummy Moment: Day Away #LFCC

After 13 months of just being a mum (which has nothing wrong with it, but is not for me), in the past 3 weeks I have returned to working a 12 hour week and am now sitting at a train station at 0720 in the morning, about to head off to one of my conventions.

It’s daunting.

I mean, I am not one who gets soppy at leaving my son, but I have never, ever, ever left him alone ALL day. I didn’t even see him before I left. I might not see him when I get in.

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I mark my diary with how many weeks old Elvis is (49, by the way) and also counting down things I’m excited about.

Here’s what I’m counting down to at the moment –

It is two weeks until our holiday. Well, two weeks yesterday, but that’s just being picky. I am so excited and curious to see how Elvis reacts. Sun, swimming, a dog in the house! And, of course, the plane journey!

It is three weeks until Elvis’ first name day. I have no idea how exactly we’re going to celebrate it in Spain, but it should be fun. We purposefully planned our holiday to end the day after his name day so that he had seven days to acclimatise. Fingers crossed he loves his day. Before we come home for his first party!

It is eight weeks until I return to work! But I only have one day of work in my first week so it should go easy for me anyway.

Then it is about eleven weeks until my first convention in almost two years. I couldn’t make any of my usual three last year, or the first of this year as my son was inconveniently born on the wrong weekend! If only I had my IUI a month earlier! Kidding.  I am incredibly excited about London Film and Comic Con. I’m mostly excited about what I can buy Elvis or how fun it’ll be in a few years when he’s coming, too.

And that’s it. For now! My next three months all planned!

~ P

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