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I Can’t Get No…

… Sleep!

I have just got up 10am after a 3 hour nap because Elvis decided to be super active from 0400-0430 and then 0500-0520 which is when I decided to get up.

Add his Lord Wriggliness to my bump hurting as I try and roll over. Or my new severe pelvic/pubic pain as I roll. Oh and not forgetting my super night-time itchy stretchmarks (I’ve self diagnosed PUPPP), I really can’t get much sleep.

Is it really nature and evolution’s way of preparing me for once Elvis is physically here?

I’m really glad that I’ve started my maternity leave (today is day 2!) because I could not be coping at work with this little sleep.

Meanwhile my plans for weekdays until Elvis makes an appearance are… Pretty much nothing! I intend on going swimming everyday at 3pm. I’m going to go buy some home essentials later today, and maybe some nursing tops just so I can spend some money on me!

I have plans to go out for dinner tonight. Even if the sun goes away before then, I wanted an adult meal out – me and hubby. I might even let him have some wine.

Other than that I really want to tidy the kitchen cupboards! What fun!

Now to wait for the final load of baby washing and then shopping!

~ Persephone M

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19 days to go, but more excitingly

Whilst I now have only 19 days left until my EDD (which obviously can be completely wrong), I 100% definitely have less than 2 hours of work left to go!

I woke up this morning aching all over – for the past week at least I have awoken with shoulders and arms aching, my legs being on the verge of numb and a very slight sore throat – but after a short while I declared “I never have to use my alarm again”.

It’s not actually that accurate, because I’m sure there will be reasons why I do need an alarm in my life, but for the foreseeable future I don’t. Not until Elvis arrives and he becomes my alarm clock, going off every 2 hours.

Poor hubby sat there and asked how he was supposed to wake up for work without my alarm and I told him that he could set his own alarm clock. He didn’t seem too happy.

Oh, well.

As long as I get two days next week to relax, watch tele, get up when I feel like it and go swimming during the day, then I’ll be happy and Elvis can come. Just two days, that’s all.

Knowing my luck, Elvis will be really well and truly late and I’ll get weeks of sitting at home, cleaning the same thing over and over and swimming at more peaceful times.

All I know right now is that I need to stop working. I wake up every 2-3 hours (so only really three times maximum overnight) to go to the toilet, but by the morning I ache from how I’ve slept. I’m annoyed with all trousers and would rather sit around half naked or wearing a blanket as a skirt/dress (not really appropriate for work). And my house is a mess because after work and swimming, I just want to sleep.

I need to be able to sleep at any time I want – especially after falling asleep at my desk one day last week! – and only worrying about the time I want to go swimming in.

Quite selfishly, I also want to actually post things on this blog and watch all the stuff on my Tivo. The question is, whilst my plans for maternity pre-Elvis are simple: watch Tivo, clean, sleep, blog; will Elvis scuppper them by coming early? Or will he drive me crazy by making me wait?

And is The Other Side, really only 19 days (+/-14) away!

~ Persephone M

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I haven’t done a countdown in a while, but then other than this weekend, I haven’t blogged for about a week – last week was manic with various antenatal classes and it’s the last one tonight!

So countdown!

3 days until Doctor Who returns. I’ve never been into Who before, but started with Matt Smith’s first appearance and I appear to now be a Whovian. Can’t wait to see more of the new companion.

5 days until Games of Thrones here in the UK and it’ll be Easter Monday so I might have to watch it alone, but I can’t wait to see how they do justice to Storm of Swords.

16 working days of work left – thank goodness for Easter Bank Holidays!

17 days until my baby shower!

24 actual days until my maternity leave starts.

43 days until the Estimated Due Date although the general consensus (not of medical professionals) is that I’ll be early because I’m huge.

52 days until the in-laws are due over to meet Elvis.

57 days until two weeks past due.

73 days until the family wedding where everyone gets to meet Elvis!

There we go. My countdown for the next few months.

~ Persephone M

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62 Days And Counting: What’s Peed me off Today

I didn’t intend on posting today.

I didn’t intend on posting this today.

But sometimes things happen.


I’ve found work incredibly frustrating and annoying over the past 7 months of pregnancy for a variety of different reasons.

Due to the manual labour-ish type of work I do, my boss moved me to desk work for health and safety. But no one bothered to look into the health and safety of me sitting at a laboratory bench on a laboratory chair doing 7-8 hours of laptop work. I should be at a normal desk on a normal chair that supports me properly using a PC not a laptop (that last one isn’t pregnancy related at all).

It’s annoyed me because HR/employer can’t seem to provide me with any of the information that I need. Nor can they meet deadlines set out in the government guidelines when it comes to maternity based issues.

I’ve had to ring central HR myself for answers because my own HR department failed to respond to my repeating a question at least 3 times.

My employers have lost paperwork when I have done things the official way. So now I email them. It’s not how they want everything, but at least things don’t go missing. Or even worse get stolen!

About an hour ago I received a call from a health visitor explaining that they need to meet with me before Elvis arrives. Their first option is to meet tomorrow morning. How many people in a job can drop everything for the very next day?

I know that meeting them and any other ante-natal based appointment is important, but the next day… only those lucky enough to not work or work shifts can really drop everything for the very next day if it isn’t urgent.

So we couldn’t come up with a suitable time and she says that they can try and meet me as I start Maternity Leave and hope that Elvis doesn’t come too soon as I don’t have any annual leave between now and then.

I mention this quickly to my boss whilst still on the phone as there are two suitable days next week, but they take another phone call and can’t answer me, resulting me and the health visitor still with no appointment time.

Earlier today I was looking up something with regards to ante-natal care and vaguely remember seeing something about health visitor appointments being included as ante-natal care that is covered by paid time off. So I pop over to see HR and double check.

In no way did I mean it as get around my boss. I wanted to know if I needed to take annual leave, wait or if it was paid time off. HR said, yes, it’s paid time off. I just need to give a bit of warning, which is completely understandable and fair.

I then mention this to my boss. I meant it as a way of informing them that I would be making a medical appointment during work time (with notice) and that I was entitled to. They pretty much snap at me that “fine, make it whenever you want” in this snippy tone that they so frequently use with me. I even said that I’d checked with HR with regards to paid/not paid. My boss seems to be reacting as if I decided their answer wasn’t good enough and I’ve run to HR to get the time off.

Even trying to add in a few other comments to my boss to show it wasn’t a behind their back thing was met with snippy.

They then went off to a meeting and I’m left here eating my lunch and really rather angry and peed off. It may have been an over-reaction when the health visitor said they’ll try and catch me when maternity leave starts but before Elvis is here, but I panicked a bit about not getting the chance to meet them and if it will reflect badly on me. I have no annual leave to take so I needed to know if I was covered by HR/paid time off.

And my boss is acting like I’ve done it out of spite or going behind his back to get my own way. So often they’re like this. I’ll mention something about returning after my year and I get a comment about how working this or working that is pointless and they can’t go that long or it would be stupid for the workplace, when no one knows what my plans are.

The health and safety issues, the lack of information from HR and the snaps I keep getting from my bosses are making me absolutely hate working here and not wanting to return after the year, but then what’ll I do?

Rant over,

~ Persephone M

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