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Monthly Update: Month 10

Weight: 22lb 5oz at 9.5 months.

Bedtime: Still at 7pm, maybe slightly earlier if he finishes his milk quickly.

Naps/Length: Still 2 or 3 a day, from 1hr to 2hours depending on total over the day.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 2, and sometimes just the one! We might not make it to 12 months of breastfeeding at this rate! I now give Elvis a cup of cow’s milk with breakfast simply because he stopped eating his cereal.

Favourite toy/objects: Cubes, books, balls from his ball pit.

Clothing age: 9-12 months for everything.

Foot length: 10.9cm

Milestones: Can stand unaided for… quite a while. We’ve never managed to time it! Don’t think he’s done any others. He can put objects into a box. Oh, and he’s started clapping!

My swimming ability: 1058m on average.

What I’m reading: Still on Clash of Kings, I keep seeing the countdown for season 4 and thinking, oh I only have a few chapters left… I will try and finish it this weekend! Challenge, accepted!

New Foods: He’s eating meat now and still loves his pasta. I’m not sure we’ve given him anything new. Unless you count the prawn cracker I naughtily gave him. Or the cheesecake my Auntie gave him without permission!

Number of Stairs: All of them, I just haven’t timed him. He hasn’t figured out the safe way of coming down though.

Time Across the Landing: Haven’t timed him in a while. Oops.

Words: None. Booo! I did read somewhere that language is hereditary and I was a late bloomer. I didn’t start speaking until I was 4 after speech therapy, so he has a while to go before I worry!

Fears: He doesn’t like me pretending to be an elephant. Weirdo. He dislikes having doors closed but I think that’s more a dislike than fear. He still hates the hoover, hairdryers and similar noises.


Monthly Update: Month 8

Weight: Haven’t got him weighed this week (he had a lovely vomiting bug yesterday), but two weeks ago he weighed 20lb 2.

Bedtime: Still at 7pm. Mine is now at half 10! And with my sometimes random insomnia, it can be a lot later. Even better, over the past few weeks he has sometimes not even stirred overnight for his dummy! Two nights was because of his illness, but he had done a few before that, too!

Naps/Length: Three or two. And his final one is interrupted by a quick feed. His early am one all depends on if he’s awake by 7am though.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 with his dreamfeed becoming incredibly quicker.

Favourite toy/objects: He’s been loving his toy remote control, his walker, maracas and his building block stars.

Clothing age: 6-9 months except his sleepsuit and snowsuits which are 9-12. His legs are too long for one and far too short for the other, but it’s only a problem before we get him dressed and he’s trying to stand!

Foot length: 10.3cm still.

Milestones: He can pull himself up to standing on anything and everything. From sitting and lying down, and even in his grobag. He can now crawl and commando crawl, and he prefers to eat teeny things with his pincer grip! You can see him trying to figure out how exactly to sit back down when standing, but he has enough balance to pick up toys off the floor. He’s certainly started coasting, too!

My swimming ability: 1100m. I did make an extra 50m the other day, it might be a fluke!

What I’m reading: Going well with Clash of Kings, I’ve even decided to re-read Dance and Feast together and then by character for a 3rd re-read!

New Foods: scotch eggs and cheerios!

Number of Stairs: 2.

Time Across the Landing: 45 seconds.

Words: He repeats the m sound when upset and d when he’s happy. Elvis also loves the g sound so we’re trying to teach him gigidy!

Fears: He hates the vacuum cleaner. He’s petrified of it! And he doesn’t like the whipped cream can, yet he likes whipped cream. Odd boy!

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Monthly Update: Month 7

Weight: 20lb 2 at 7 and a half months.

Bedtime: 7pm for him, bedtime and bathtime are pretty set now. He goes to sleep so much quicker now at night. My bedtime’s still half 9.

Naps/Length: three between 30mins and an hour. I try to make at least two of them be in his cot. He can still fights his naps for me, but he doesn’t for Daddy!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 on an average day mainly because I’ve cut out his first one to serve breakfast instead. Technically he goes up to 11 hours without a feed.

Favourite toy/objects: He loves maracas and his toy remote control. Bargain toys for pennies and they are what he picks. He still loves standing on his walker, too.

Clothing age: Gone up to 9-12 in sleepsuits, but everything else is still 6-9.

Foot length: 10.3cm.

Milestones: He can commando crawl with one arm doing the work, he looks like a wounded soldier! He’s also taken to crying when I leave the room unless there’s another adult there to entertain him.

My swimming ability: 1000m

What I’m reading: I’ve made it onto Clash of Kings in my re-read. And I’m loving it far more the second time around!

New Foods:

He tried Dough Sticks at Pizza Express when we went out for Daddy’s birthday. Yum!

Number of Stairs: He can climb up a whole step!

Time Across The Landing: It takes 90secs to cross the landing at Nanny’s house!

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Monthly Update: Month 6

Weight: 19lb 1.

Bedtime: Same as last month, 7pm for him and half 9 for him. He still stirs in the night and needs his dummy, but Daddy and I take it in shifts!

Naps/Length: 3, maximum of 3/4 of an hour each. We’re starting to struggle with his last nap and making it to bedtime!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 feeds. He can still go 9 hours overnight. Maybe a few more!

Favourite toy/objects: Elvis loves standing on his walker and playing with the front of it.

Clothing age: Still 6-9 months.

Foot length: 10cm.

Milestones: Can stand holding on/leaning on toys. We bought him a second hand “sit to stand” tower and he can pull himself up when he’s sitting on our laps.

My swimming ability: 1000m.

What I’m reading: Still on Game of Thrones re-read.

New Foods: Just the basics for starting to introduce solids.

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Monthly Update: Month 5

Weight: 18lb 8.

Bedtime: Same as last month, 1900 for him, 2130 for me after his dreamfeed. The bedtime routine is now set – bathtime, feed, reading, bed. But sleep still needs 20-30 minutes of settling and replacing of the dummy.

Naps/Length: 3 naps of half an hour, maybe one might be an hour. Because of the nights getting darker, Elvis has stopped taking that final nap. It’s a stretch getting him to bedtime.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: approximately 6 with one still being in the early hours of the morning (6am-ish).

Favourite toy/objects: Rattles and playgyms. He seems bored of his mobile now. He loves his Mickey Mouse, too!

Clothing age: 6-9 month. But he can still wear  3-6 month tops!

Foot length: 10cm.

Milestones: Elvis can roll! And bum shuffle! He’s on the move. Slowly! As a mummy milestone, my periods have come back. Boo!

My swimming ability: 950m, it’s slowly increasing.

What I’m reading: Still on a slow re-read of Game of Thrones.

New Foods: N/A

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Monthly Update: Month 4

Weight: 17lb 7. Pretty sure he’s doubled his birth weight now! Woo!

Bedtime: He now goes to bed at 7pm in his cot! We did the big move! My bedtime is now 2130 after dreamfeeding Elvis. He still stirs overnight and the cot is further away than the Moses basket ever was, but it’s manageable. We try our hardest to not bring him into bed, so I no longer feel completely attached to him!

Naps/Length: 4 at half an hour. His final nap is at about 5, that’s how we delayed his bedtime back to 7 slightly so that Daddy can actually see his son! The naps are now also in the cot. All sleep can take about half an hour of settling, being on hand to replace his dummy. Sometimes I hate that thing!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: Approximately 6. He can now go 9 hours overnight, he still stirs, but he doesn’t need feeding so I certainly don’t get 9 hours!

Favourite toy/objects: He loves rattles. To chew on mainly, not rattle!

Clothing age: 3-6 months still.

Foot length: 10cm

Milestones: Elvis can sit up unaided. Still no signs of rolling, but he can sit so who cares!

My swimming ability: 900m.

What I’m reading: Still on a slow re-read of Game of Thrones.

New Foods: N/A

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Month Update: Month 2

Weight: 14lb 9

Bedtime: Elvis’ at 1930, mine around 2000! But we’re still bed-sharing with Daddy on the sofa!

Naps/Length: Hit and miss – he’s still just kinda always sleeping.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: approximately 8. He can manage 5 hours overnight without a feed.

Favourite toy/objects: Loves his playgym at Nanny’s. Oh, and his cot mobile can entertain him for a full 20 minutes whilst I get a quick rest on the bed!

Clothing age: Already in 3-6 month! Holy Hell!

Foot length: 8.8cm.

Milestones: Aiming with his hands and getting much, much better at tummy time and holding his head, although he could do both of these last month.

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