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Two Weeks Later

Okay so Elvis’ birthweight was 8lbs 9 and his last check was two days ago where he was 8lbs 6. He’s nearly back up to birthweight.

Meanwhile according to my 12 week scan, I weighed 68kg at that point. Just before I gave birth I weighed myself for the first time in at least 28 weeks – I was 83kg. I read somewhere online that the average weight gain is 12.5kg, I’d gained 15kg. I weighed myself on Monday and in just two weeks I’ve lost 11kg; I’m 72kg. I have done nothing to try and lose weight and I don’t intend to, I’m just curious.

Also to the family member who saw me after I’d given birth and thought I was still pregnant, I’ve lost over half of my pregnancy weight so… shut up.

And last night was nice and regular, too. I need to find more rest time during the day, which is difficult as Elvis is wide awake 6-9 morning and night. If I want to get any fresh air it has to be during the day which is when he sleeps most (after nighttime). Or have any other adult interaction. But it’s only been his routine for 2 days so unlikely to continue. Right?


Before lunch today Elvis had slept for two hours and then half an hour. I managed one of the two before the breastfeeding support lady showed up and I opted to have lunch in his half hour nap. Any nap he now has will involve me shopping for maternity bras because my boobs are killing me.

~ Persephone M


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