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Changing The Routine: An Update

I thought it had been ages since I last posted, but it’s only really been 8 days. But that was a standard post that had been sitting in my drafts for ages.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become quite complacent about blogging. I did write a few poems the other weekend and set up scheduled posts on my original blog to see it through to Christmas! I also have an idea about a photography series on here.

What I really need to do is find the motivation to post!

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Jealousy as Green as Any Monster

Today marks the second successful abandoning of Elvis at Nanny’s. This time it was so I could randomly go and visit a friend with her newborn. And by successful, I mean he napped! And he was still asleep when I got back.

As he lay upstairs sleeping, my mum, Nanny, said “And all you used to do was 20 minutes each day!” Yep, Nanny sounded rather jealous that I, apparently, refused to nap for her!

Clearly Elvis doesn’t just look like Daddy, he sleeps like him, too!

“And I had to sneak around so you couldn’t see me. Or hear me.”

Cue later on today when I’d taken E home and he was having his second nap, it was approaching tea time, his dinner was cooked, the bathroom cleaned and so I hoovered the upstairs, right up to his door. Did he wake up? Nope.

Again, just like his father who can sleep through anything, not me who wakes at the slightest breath from my hubby!

This kid is nothing like me. And, yeah, whilst Nanny might be jealous of my sleepy baby, I’m kind of jealous that my son is nothing like me at all.

~ P

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Day 2 of no naps!

Seriously Elvis, you’re supposed to nap in the day.

I did have a tearful moment last night despite there being no cluster feeding from 5 til 9/11pm. Instead he fed from about 8 until 11 with a huge gap where he simply cried. He was overly tired from not napping all bloody day (except the one I got us both down for). This time the tears were not because of my feeding related pain or because I was exhausted. They were simply because he wouldn’t stop crying and I had no idea when it was going to end or if the night would be difficult.

The night (after he went down gone 11) went fine and normal. 3am feed, 5am feed, 7am feed, 10am feed. With sleep for both of us inbetween. Elvis then screamed around the supermarket, fell asleep on the return journey and woke up as soon as we got home.

He has had a slight nap about 2 hours ago where I rested and he’s currently asleep on my chest. I want him to have a nap (overtired babies aren’t fun!) but I also want to rest myself so I am going to try putting him down…

Is he napping less because he needs stimulating? So far I haven’t attempted anything other than feed and change him then sleep. When does he need me to start playing with him? And how am I supposed to know?

~ Persephone M

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