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2015: Fifteen Things to Look Forward To

1. Due in the middle of January, Robin’s birth!

2. A second for January, I look forward to at least going into labour naturally (hopefully) and maybe have a VBAC

3. I look forward to celebrating 6 years of marriage with TWO children. Something I never dreamed possible

4. Watching all the milestones that I watched Elvis have and maybe stressing a bit less second time around

5. Having a whole calender year off from work. 2015 will be the year of no job

6. Celebrating Elvis’ second birthday where he should understand it so much more

7. Maybe attempt a family holiday with a 2 year old and under 6 month old. I don’t think we’ll attempt going abroad!

8. Celebrating my 33rd birthday with two children. I may be a broken record, but I never thought it would be possible!

9. Watching all of Elvis’ milestones that haven’t even occured to me. Perhaps he’ll get the rest of his teeth? Or wean himself from his dummy? Or start speaking in sentences!

10. I’m looking forward to attending baby groups again, to socialising with mummies and possibly changing Elvis’ nursery hours to watch him socialise

11. I’m also looking forward to, in the latter half of the year, having the odd occasional time to myself. Perhaps a day away. A date with hubby. Or a girlie night out.

12. I’m really excited by January and new Revenge, The 100, Flash, Arrow and finally getting Supernatural season 9!

13. This is a hesitant one, but I am looking forward to potentially getting me to another Convention. Maybe October as July is probably too big a push

14. I’m really excited and scared to see Elvis adapt to his sibling. To watch them play and grow together. To be physically able myself to be a fun parent who can run around after both of them!

15. A Christmas with two kiddies – one almost a year and one 2.5 who will totally get it by then. And then another New Year!

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2014: Fourteen Things

I did this a few years ago on my original blog, I’m sure. Here’s hoping I remember this next year!

Things I’m thankful for –

  1. Celebrated my son’s first birthday
  2. Hubby got a new job after 3 months of voluntary unemployment which has much better family-based hours
  3. Went on a lovely holiday to Spain for Elvis’ first birthday
  4. Discovered I was pregnant, from an all natural, non-trying method! Apparently my body can get pregnant on it’s own
  5. After 366 days, I stopped breastfeeding my son. It was always planned that way, but knowing there was a Baby 2 it was needed!
  6. Elvis took to nursery amazingly and loves it there!
  7. Went back to work and loved having time to be me. I felt no guilt
  8. Through my job I set up a new blog (with no connections to Persephone or the Real me) and I love it and it gets quite a bit of traffic!
  9. I moved into what could become my dream house. It doesn’t tick every box. Not yet. And it will probably never tick the dream garden box. But it’s pretty close!
  10. I spent all of November and December making 101 things for Christmas to make memories. I think it worked
  11. After a year of signing, in September, Elvis finally started really signing lots. And his vocab gradually increased from November onwards, culminating on Christmas Day when he said naanaa for banana
  12. This was followed just before New Year’s when he said Muma, he called me muma. Once.
  13. I’m very thankful for my mummy friends who I may have only known about a year but they are like old friends – after months of not seeing them we just and get on as if it was days
  14. My son, my husband and my baby to be – my family
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