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5 Years Later

It’s a little late, but this year marked my 5th wedding anniversary. I posted about part of my honeymoon before and my second anniversary trip to Rome. I think I went somewhere for each anniversary – London for the first year, then Rome, for the 3rd nothing! The 4th I was pretty heavily pregnant. And then the 5th, we re-visited an element of our wedding day.

I got the idea from pinterest.

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Silent Saturday: Parents are People


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Wordless Wednesday: Wake Up!


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Silent Sunday 2



Silent Sunday


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Thank You

On a day where I suffered extreme insomnia last night and barely slept the night before due to Elvis’ snuffliness, with little opportunity on those two days for naps, I have yet to break down.

Although my husband would disagree with that after the early hours of this morning!

I never intended on posting photos of Elvis on here, I mean I refer to him by his bump’s name for privacy, but my mind has been changed.
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Baby Gifts: Daddy

DSC_0442Elvis’ first teddy bear – from his Daddy.

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Elvis In the Womb: Nursery Pictures

DSC_0438Do you think I’ve bought enough?


DSC_0445 DSC_0447 DSC_0450 DSC_0453 SAMSUNG CSCI need a better image of the cot, but then I also haven’t taken any pictures of the moses basket!

~ Persephone M


Elvis In the Womb


Some scan pictures of Elvis still in the womb:

august 15th egg cOk, so this is a scan of one of my follicles before ovulation/insemination/conception. I had three follicles ready to burst so the chances of this containing half of Elvis’ DNA is 33.3333%

EPSON MFP imageThis is the first “baby” scan at 7 weeks, it was used to check that there were no ectopic pregnancies, no OHSS and to check the egg sac and lining levels.

EPSON MFP imageThe 12 week scan, made no easier because I had a 7 week. Here is Elvis waving!

EPSON MFP imageAnd the last time I saw Elvis before his birth – 20 week scan. Taken on Christmas Eve with the Christmas present of telling us it was a he – Elvis!

So there he is, Elvis in the womb!

~ Persephone M

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