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Outdoor Fun: The Garden

We have lots of local parks, but sometimes playing in the garden is easier. Unfortunately what we currently have as a garden is not what most people call a garden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than nothing, but it is far from child friendly.

It’s at the side of our house and exposed on all three sides by a wall that is easily climbable by an adult (hello thieves and kidnappers). In fact on one side, the neighbour’s fence blew down and so the wall is easily climbable by Elvis (and the neighbour’s giant dog who quite frankly scares me). The floor is covered in moss and building debris. There are two drainage covers and the step back into the house is quite high.

Everything about it is dangerous!

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Treasure Baskets and Sensory Play

I went to a parenting class over the last half term of last year and one of the 6 sessions was on play. From this session I took two key points:

One – Elvis loved picking his own items from the treasure basket at the centre.

Two – He especially loved the chunky metal bracelet!

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Venturing Out

As it’s still the weekend and we all got a second lie in (well yesterday it was 7am when Elvis and I awoke, 8am for all of us today) I was quite pleased that it felt slightly cooler out and that we could all perhaps venture out to town and proper shops. Not just the food and second hand shops nearby.

I only wanted to go to try and find a few things for Elvis, but it needed to be proper baby shops.

And I found everything I wanted!
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Noticing the Small Things

Firstly, I am loving my new tablet, the keys are bigger when I’m blogging so there should be fewer typos and I don’t keep missing the ‘space’ bar.

The other day I bought a second cot mobile, this one from a nearby second hand shop. Yes, I know he doesn’t need two. No, I’m not going sleep deprived crazy. I wanted one that isn’t wind up and that also reaches over the changing table. And that’s what I got.
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Sometimes, I Just Don’t Know

Last night hubby went straight on the sofa so I could have Elvis on me for the long sleep, which was fine until 0100 when he awoke for a feed and then refused to settle.

I ended up taking a time out in the bathroom trying to calm myself.

Hubby woke up, helped calm us both and then got back into bed for the rest of the night. It dawned on me regarding my sleep options that moving Elvis into his own room and me getting up to feed isn’t that different to now when I have to go into the nursery to change him!

Anyway, I bought a fan today which will hopefully cool the bedroom and provide me with enough white noise. Because today and yesterday I’ve felt so rested. There was a sneaky 2hr nap this afternoon for both of us! The nap was after Elvis’ first photo shoot whrre he was amazingly cute, smiley and well-behaved. I get to view the images next Friday. Five come as part of the package, how many extras will I buy?

After our nap though, I played with Elvis for a bit – singing on his jungle gym and smiling lots. But after a while… I get bored. Is that so terrible? And then I don’t know what to do. When can he amuse himself? He likes just staring at things, am I a bad parent if I let him?

I think he just has these fussy moments where he needs to be held and then what? How do I stop feeling bored? Or at least just get a little bit of time to myself? Am I already failing him?

~ Persephone M


Day 2 of no naps!

Seriously Elvis, you’re supposed to nap in the day.

I did have a tearful moment last night despite there being no cluster feeding from 5 til 9/11pm. Instead he fed from about 8 until 11 with a huge gap where he simply cried. He was overly tired from not napping all bloody day (except the one I got us both down for). This time the tears were not because of my feeding related pain or because I was exhausted. They were simply because he wouldn’t stop crying and I had no idea when it was going to end or if the night would be difficult.

The night (after he went down gone 11) went fine and normal. 3am feed, 5am feed, 7am feed, 10am feed. With sleep for both of us inbetween. Elvis then screamed around the supermarket, fell asleep on the return journey and woke up as soon as we got home.

He has had a slight nap about 2 hours ago where I rested and he’s currently asleep on my chest. I want him to have a nap (overtired babies aren’t fun!) but I also want to rest myself so I am going to try putting him down…

Is he napping less because he needs stimulating? So far I haven’t attempted anything other than feed and change him then sleep. When does he need me to start playing with him? And how am I supposed to know?

~ Persephone M

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