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TV Watching: Flash Season One

Okay, I’m on episode 15 and I don’t actually want to talk about the show so far in general – I’m enjoying it. I don’t like the idea of Barry/Iris. I love Barry and Papa West’s relationship. I’m not sure about how many people know the Flash’s identity and Wells was suspicious from day 1. I’m also unsure on how fast elements of the plot are moving regarding Wells and the Reverse Flash. But I trust Arrow so have faith here.

I watched episode 15 wondering if we’d skipped to the end of season 1. Iris admits her feelings. Barry admits his Flash-ness to the girl of his dreams. And Cisco… he learns too much (perhaps we learn too much) and Wells… it was heartbreaking.

I guess I’ve always seen Cisco as the classic, loveable nerd. He’s harmless. He’s loveable. He truly is your best friend. And then he shed a few tears, realising the truth about his mentor, the heartbreaking betrayal. Then Wells literally breaks his heart. I started sobbing (I am a hormonal mum) and declared I couldn’t watch it. For the record there have only twice before been deaths I can’t watch on TV and they were both due to violence not emotion. And, yeah, I’m known to cry at TV, but the look on Cisco’s face… heartbreaking, truly.

I’m assuming from the episode end that everything will change, Iris’ revelation will be known only by Barry, Wells’ by the viewer and Cisco will be his usual faithful, harmless, loveable, whole hearted self. At least it better be because I didn’t like either plot development!

~ P

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