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6 Months of Sleeping With Your Baby?

I had trouble sleeping last night after reading an article that popped up on my news feed. In fact when I got up this morning, leaving my 13 week old baby alone in our bedroom, I got really panicky. It isn’t the article itself (which tells the sad story of a 7 week old who died in their co-sleeping crib when left alone) it was more a comment someone put on facebook when the article was shared.

Why was  a 7 week old left alone to nap? When guidance is all naps and sleeping to be in the same room as a parent?

The comment was probably same room as mum because I feel there’s a huge bias on the parenting pages that it’s all about the mum. Anyway, is it really practical and possible to always have your sleeping baby with you for 6 months?

With Elvis, he was younger than six months when he moved into his own room, younger than 6 months when we started to emphasise that the cot was for sleeping and not playing. But we lived in a small house. Could it have been possible? 6 months of all sleeping in the same room?

How about when it’s your second child?

Every morning I leave Robin alone in her Moses basket as I get up and see to Elvis. If she cries, someone goes to check on her except on a Friday when I’m alone with him and he’s having breakfast.

Please do not get me wrong here, I completely understand why babies should sleep near their parents for as long as possible, but can it be done? 100% of the time?

Robin sleeps in her Moses in her cot right next to me overnight. On nights where I can’t sleep, I go in another room but Daddy stays near her – I could not leave her alone at night. Not yet. Her naps are in the pushchair or, if rocked, put down in the Moses in the lounge. Her pushchair is kept in the hall or kitchen, all doors open if she’s asleep. Am I going to wheel the pushchair into the lounge making the carpet dirty? Should I sit on the stairs next to her pram? Should I keep her near Elvis who’ll wake her? Take her out to the garden in the heat whilst I play with Elvis?

Do parents for at least 6 months keep their sleeping babies nearby in the same room?

Naps and night times?

Have you?

~ P


Experimental Sleep Night Two

Okay in some respects I gave up last night. In my defence it had been a long day. It was unbelievably hot and our whole city became completely gridlocked. We successfully made it to the other side of the city for a Little Pickles Market (great bargains) but then found ourselves stranded by lines of traffic. Now I’m used to walking across our city, nowhere takes too long at all, but it was amazingly hot and I’m breastfeeding of course so get dehydrated quickly.

And I had abdominal surgery 6 weeks ago. Read the rest of this entry »


Experimental Sleep 6am

Ok so I put him down after that last post – it was 4am – and he lasted all of 5 minutes in his Moses basket before the noises started. And they were louder and had cries in them.

Now at 0400, I’m not ready to be awake. It is not morning and I didn’t want him to wake up so I brought him into our bed. But I only broke the co-sleeping no-no because I laid him on his back next to me and followed all the prepared co-sleeping rules. He snugfled and flailed for a few minutes and then we were both asleep (daddy slept through it all behind me!).

Here we are 3 hours later and we’ve all had a lie in, followed more of the anti-SIDS rules and I’ve had 5 or 6 hours sleep in 9 which is bloody amazing. Let’s all settle back and co-sleep some more.

Safely of course!

~ Persephone M

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