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TV Watching: Hercules The Legendary Journeys

I’m currently watching the season 3 finale of Hercules and I thought it would be a funny one to talk about and reintroduce my tv blogging to here. I’ve done my usual amount of TV watching during my blogging break, but since my PND therapy, I am trying to focus on it more. Or at least categorise what I watch and focus on the shows I want to watch.

Hercules falls into the background TV category. Mainly because I can’t take it seriously and pay full attention. It isn’t even about the laughable fighting. It’s the casting. I just do not understand it. I’ve never watched a show where actress re-use is so obvious. Or actress swapping. In the same season. This has nothing to do with me watching all 3 seasons in a row because there’s a huge casting confusion in season 3.

Hercules meets the Golden Hind. Marries her. She dies. She was played by the future Mrs Sorbo. Oh, and she’d played a Queen/Princess earlier in the season. Both characters fell in love with Herc. So, Golden Hind dies and a few episodes later, thanks to Autolycus, he and Herc travel back to when all the Hinds were killed bar the Golden. And she’s played by a different actress. I thought it was because she was younger. But then Herc changes the past, returns to the future and meets the Hind. Who’s still played by the new girl and not future Mrs Sorbo.

I just can’t take the show seriously. At all. But it’s fun to have on in the background! And to hear Claudia Black sound different to any other role I’ve ever seen her in!

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Elvis loves the Disney Channel (Junior) and really likes Mick (Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse). I don’t mind. I love Disney and quite enjoy Sofia the First, too. Not sure about Doc McStuffins or Curious George yet.

But I have some questions!

Why does Donald talk more like a duck than Daisy?

Why are Goofy and Minnie the only ones fully dressed?

Are Mickey/Minnie and Donald/Daisy dating/married?

Why doesn’t Donald wear shoes? The others do.

Is Goofy a dog? If he is, why isn’t he a pet like Pluto?

Finally, is letting my toddler watch this much TV a sign of lazy parenting and going to do some form of long lasting horrendous damage?

~ P

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TV Watching: How I Met Your Mother

This is an incredibly late blog and, as such, I don’t think I need to put any kind of spoiler warning! The final season of HIMYM really disappointed me. The whole season. Each episode had me wishing for more. In fact the only one I remember enjoying was where we discovered Lily was pregnant – the only surprise in the entire season.

I guess Barney and Robin divorcing was kind of a surprise, but more disappointing given the circumstances, I mean had they actually even said their vows in the longest ever wedding?

Let me state two things – I do not ship any pairing in this show (I love Lily/Marshall and have a soft spot for Victoria with Ted) so I do not care who Robin ends up with. Secondly, I also don’t care that Ted ended up with Robin after everything.

What I do care about is that for 8 years I wanted to find out about the mother. I care about their relationship. And why shouldn’t I after an 8 year journey? But we didn’t get that, not in enough detail. Whole episodes didn’t even have the Mother in them. And I find that the truly unsatisfying part. Months after watching the final season I happened upon the first ever episode on TV (I rarely watch live TV) and I loved it.

I do like how they introduce Robin, everyone in fact, but also how Ted makes it clear that she is Aunt Robin. The kids at the end of the very first episode even point out they thought it was a story about how he met their mother not their Aunt Robin. I guess someone would then point out that the kids don’t need to know anything about after he met their mum because, you know, they lived it and we have seen points of Ted’s life post meeting their mom sans mom.

And that’s what gets me. She’s the point of the whole series. No matter how amazing Barney/Lily are, no matter how legen-wait for it-dary Barney is, no matter which side of the Barney-Robin-Ted-Victoria ship you’re on, the Mother is in the freaking show title and she got royally screwed over.

I saw the second to last ever Friends episode last week and it’s monumentally better. HIMYM has nothing to it regarding final episodes and the entire final season will remain a bitter thing. Even after all of these months.

~ P


TV Watching: The 100 Season 2

Part way through season 2 I began reading the book and quickly, obviously saw the differences and similarities. The key thing I took was a potential Clarke/Bellamy pairing; I hadn’t seen it during season one. So there I am watching season 2 and I think okay, I can see a Clarke/Bellamy thing a bit. I say a bit but because I love me some Clarke/Finn pairing.

Season 2 was similar to season 1 – fast paced, plot twists that change the whole damn thing, not being overly soapy given the high percentage of teenagers and having character evolutions that seem natural as it happens but looked back on seem a bit far fetched.

Fast paced – the two seasons have covered, how long? A few weeks? Maybe a month. And how much has happened?

Plot twists – there was no way the Ark was going to come down, there was no way the Grounders would work with the Sky People. Each episode brings another huge game changer that often I don’t see coming. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the twists are obvious – there was clearly no baby left on the Ark with Jaha – others completely blindsided me – WTF, Finn! (I had to pause, rewind, cry and consider not watching it ever, ever again!)

As for the character evolutions, well, given the small time frame can someone explain Clarke and Octavia? How about anyone’s hand to hand combat skills? Or how many Grounders speak English? Or how quickly Sky People pick up Ground-ease? Why is there a Grounder language and English? How has Octavia, essentially locked up all her life, learnt to fight, hunt, track so quickly? How come Finn can trackso well? When did Clarke learn to ride a horse?

I guess the thing I truly like and admire about this show is they aren’t afraid to change things up. They aren’t afraid to literally change a whole section of the show – there is no Ark anymore, the children are not alone. They can give certain characters multiple second chances – Jaha on the Ark, Murphy on the ground – but give others no chance – Wells and Finn.

I may never forgive them for Finn, however I will keep watching! And was it just me who spent most of the tail end of the season kinda thinking there are more than just the kids now, the 100 remnants, perhaps donation could be the solution? But it wasn’t until the season finale that it gets mentioned.

Can’t say the Land of Light part interested me or the apearance of the uber amazing Erica Cerra, but I’ll see how it plays out next year. I feel like Clarke’s plot is done. I’m puzzled at how I seem to now find Bellamy attractive and I miss Finn. He and Clarke could have wallowed in their murderous genocidal acts together.

~ P

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TV Watching: Flash Season One

Okay, I’m on episode 15 and I don’t actually want to talk about the show so far in general – I’m enjoying it. I don’t like the idea of Barry/Iris. I love Barry and Papa West’s relationship. I’m not sure about how many people know the Flash’s identity and Wells was suspicious from day 1. I’m also unsure on how fast elements of the plot are moving regarding Wells and the Reverse Flash. But I trust Arrow so have faith here.

I watched episode 15 wondering if we’d skipped to the end of season 1. Iris admits her feelings. Barry admits his Flash-ness to the girl of his dreams. And Cisco… he learns too much (perhaps we learn too much) and Wells… it was heartbreaking.

I guess I’ve always seen Cisco as the classic, loveable nerd. He’s harmless. He’s loveable. He truly is your best friend. And then he shed a few tears, realising the truth about his mentor, the heartbreaking betrayal. Then Wells literally breaks his heart. I started sobbing (I am a hormonal mum) and declared I couldn’t watch it. For the record there have only twice before been deaths I can’t watch on TV and they were both due to violence not emotion. And, yeah, I’m known to cry at TV, but the look on Cisco’s face… heartbreaking, truly.

I’m assuming from the episode end that everything will change, Iris’ revelation will be known only by Barry, Wells’ by the viewer and Cisco will be his usual faithful, harmless, loveable, whole hearted self. At least it better be because I didn’t like either plot development!

~ P

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TV Watching: The 100

Okay, I’m about 9 or ten episodes into this new show — spoiler warning! — and I’m enjoying it on the whole. Certain aspects are hugely obvious – best friend’s fate after the truth, that Desmond was not all evil, Clarke’s mum’s fate and the Grounder formally known as Calvin Valentine. But, even with certain glaringly obvious plot developments, it is still immensely enjoyable. Some of the characters don’t seem to make stupid, moral decisions for the sake of the plot – like Bellamy’s pardon.

It’s quite a fast moving plot. The initial advert here revealed there were Grounders which we at home thought was a bit spoilery, but seeing as my latest episode had a launch ship apparently crash land in a firey inferno, well, noneĀ of it was revealed too early.

I guess my take on the show so far, in one word, is contradiction. There is no way that the Ark is dead. No way that Clarke’s Momma burnt up. No way that Bellamy was going to pay for his crimes. But then it still has shocks and plot twists, for me. The Exodus ship crashing – I thought they’d make it leading to a planetary 100 vs Grounders vs Workers and an Ark Workers vs Priveledged. Whilst it appeared obvious that Raven would be Finn’s girlfriend just as he did the deed with Clarke, the non-teenage-soap handling of it has been a surprise. Not to mention that Clarke seems to be more like Bellamy (ruthless) than the compassionate peace wanting Finn, quite a turnaround.

I have two questions though: are the books any good? And will the show be renamed with the rapid killing off of the 100? Or will there be some way to top them up with people from the Ark, because the Ark is not dead. I’d bet money on it!



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(Pre) TV Watching: Game of Thrones

It’s not actually back yet, but, hey, with my new little run of Geek blogs, how could I not mention my one true love: Game of Thrones.

I was so excited for season 3 before it started, I remember wondering if I would get to the Red Wedding before Elvis arrived. I distinctly remember hubby taking a newborn Elvis out for a walk so I could watch all of the RW episode without interruption and watching a newly pregnant woman get stabbed in the abdomen whilst trying to express was probably not a good move.

I don’t think I’m as excited for season 4, but I am still hyped about it. Even better, this year I shall be watching it legally! Yep, you heard me – legal baby!

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TV Watching: Arrow

Okay, I seem to have slipped into a new fandom. It’s worse than simply loving a show and watching it religiously. For me, joining the fandom means googling it, pinning it, reading about it and, if it gets too far, writing about it.

Arrow has gone that far, but that’s for another post! We loved season 1, had no idea where season 2 could go, but I’m still loving it. I miss Tommy, I’m enjoying Roy and the island still intrigues me.

What I don’t like is Sara and the rewritting of history.

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TV Watching: The Tomorrow People

I remember loving the 90s kids show The Tomorrow People; it had Todd from Neighbours and I was in love with Christian Tessier. They even had a pod people storyline which didn’t give me nightmares (I cannot cope with Zombies or pod-people) so I wanted to give the new version a go.

Well, it’s ok.

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TV Watching: Banshee

Hubby and I have only just found this show and we now have only one episode if the season left.

Well, if I ever thought Game of Thrones, True Blood or Sons of Anarchy were violent, Banshee trumps them all. There are certain shows that I won’t even have on in the background during the day because of Elvis, Banshee is one.

Bloody Hell is it violent!

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