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More Food Habits!

After last week’s post about some rather bad habits I have with food, typing it down seemed to do some good that I haven’t made the same mistakes so far this week. The hardest was limiting my calories more on a weekend as I’m not as active. Or I need to increase my activity, I guess. I did quite well last weekend until we had Valentines day and I had too many chocolates and profiteroles and wine and Baileys. I mean there’s having a day off and there’s eating 2 days worth of calories in 1! I highly doubt I’ll lose any weight this week, but I will also blame the hormones! I have noticed a few new things though.

  • My breakfast and lunch seem to make up about 800 calories, on a good day my evening meal makes about 800. If I want to be able to have indulgent snacks and/alcohol, I have to limit the dinner.
  • I always snack on food at lunch when waiting for Robin to eat her lunch. I either need to stop (I have little willpower) or make the lunch the night before so I don’t have those foods out on the table*
  • Decide on a maximum number of valentines chocolates I can have each day because, no, it is not healthier to just eat them all in 1 go! I got some Lindt chocolate balls and have decided I can have three a day.
  • Garlic bread is not my friend.
  • Neither are poppadoms, bhajis, pakoras, somasas, etc.
  • Just because Elvis leaves his milk at dinner, I don’t have to add Baileys to it rather than throw it away!
  • I also don’t have to eat last night’s dinner left overs. I hate throwing things out, but I also don’t need to eat the left over pasta. Or the abandoned fish finger. Or the crusts that both children make me cut off their sandwiches!

I think a big key thing is to continue limiting snacking, but also alter extras I make with dinner. I think I fail when I allow myself nibbbles at lunch or my chocolate allowance during the day and then cook garlic breads with dinner. The indulgences need to be left until after dinner as a proper treat for the day.

I also really need to figure out how to approach next weekend as I’m off out on a date for our wedding anniversary and the dinner will be huge! Gulp!

*This will not really be a problem once I’m back at work. But I’d like to sort out bad habits before my days become more active.

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