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Okay, I’m dressed, teeth cleaned and bags all ready.

I’m off to work in about 15 minutes. First time since April 2014, I think.

Elvis’ first two mornings at nursery went perfectly. The staff love him – he keeps his hat on outside, doesn’t squirm for sun cream, eats all of his food and fell asleep in the cot without needing to be rocked or held! My little superstar!

Now, I have to go to work. Aaarrggghhh!

So scared and nervous. No idea why.

~ P

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Major Change: Work

I’ve only just realised how huge returning to work is.

Since I went on maternity leave, my school has become an Academy – my employer is completely different.  Has anyone told me my employer’s name? Has anyone told me who the new principal is? I have a new line manager, half of my department retired. The school day completely changed; I’m no longer sure when first bell goes or when lunchtime is.

Add all of those differences,  changes, to the fact that I became a mother and my entire world has changed the past year.

And now I’m supposed to go back to work in 3 weeks when I have no idea who I even work with anymore and after work failed to pay me last month for a month of holiday. It really doesn’t seem like very much of a welcoming place anymore.

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All Change Ahead

This is the last week of what has become so familiar to me and it’s kind of sad. I’m not graduating yet, but with two weks of holidays, a half term week and a baby turning one it most certainly is all change ahead.

In all fairness, Elvis has changed his routine, making morning groups quite difficult so I should have altered groups a few weeks ago to suit him better. Even with the changes I’ll make in a few weeks, it’ll only be for a few weeks and then it’s all change again when I finally graduate my maternity-baby year-ish.

I’m going to enjoy what remains of my final week in this routine, I will enjoy 3 weeks of reckless abandonment and then a few weeks attending lots of groups before graduation and the possibility of no more groups ever!

Maybe by September we’ll have a new normal!

~ P

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I mark my diary with how many weeks old Elvis is (49, by the way) and also counting down things I’m excited about.

Here’s what I’m counting down to at the moment –

It is two weeks until our holiday. Well, two weeks yesterday, but that’s just being picky. I am so excited and curious to see how Elvis reacts. Sun, swimming, a dog in the house! And, of course, the plane journey!

It is three weeks until Elvis’ first name day. I have no idea how exactly we’re going to celebrate it in Spain, but it should be fun. We purposefully planned our holiday to end the day after his name day so that he had seven days to acclimatise. Fingers crossed he loves his day. Before we come home for his first party!

It is eight weeks until I return to work! But I only have one day of work in my first week so it should go easy for me anyway.

Then it is about eleven weeks until my first convention in almost two years. I couldn’t make any of my usual three last year, or the first of this year as my son was inconveniently born on the wrong weekend! If only I had my IUI a month earlier! Kidding.  I am incredibly excited about London Film and Comic Con. I’m mostly excited about what I can buy Elvis or how fun it’ll be in a few years when he’s coming, too.

And that’s it. For now! My next three months all planned!

~ P

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Countdown to Graduating

It’s gradually creeping up on me: Graduation, the time when I graduate from my maternity leave, from The Other Side and return to work.

I want to say return to normal, but nothing will be the normal that it once was ever again. Nope, I just have to figure out a new routine, a new way of doing everything. Which is why I’m chilling out now. Elvis only wants to nap in his cot? Fine, I’m going to enjoy my time at home, relaxing before I graduate. Elvis needs to learn to nap at Nanny’s. Nope, I have even longer before he’ll be going to Nanny’s once a week and who knows what his schedule will be like at 15 months so I’m going to chill about it.

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I finally have a date when I graduate.

June 25th.


3 months.

It’s such a relief to finally have that date. I’ve been waiting on tenerhooks for the date for almost 3 months and it was starting to feel like my life was on hold until I knew. Maybe it was a reason behind my insomnia, too.

Now, to find out if we can agree on hours!

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The School Analogy

Before, during and after pregnancy I adopted the trenches analogy for trying and finally managing to conceive. In a recent post about cliques, I likened mummy/baby groups to school and trying to make new friends. And maybe it is.

If you all started school at different times of the year, then struggling to fit in with those already in the class. And of course the class is far harder than Triple Science or Organic Chemistry. Hell, it’s harder than Inorganic Chemistry. And some students find the school harder than others – either making friends or the subject (raising babies) or both.

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The Last Day

With the little one nicely tucked up in bed, my last day of freedom is over. I now have 4 solid days ahead of me where I will be alone. Well not very alone because I have lots planned to do to try and keep Elvis and I busy.

But it’s still daunting and scary.

Roll on Sunday!

~ P

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Trial Run: Lone Parenting

No, my marriage is all fine, I simply mean the act of parenting on your own. Most people do this quite often. Normally one parent, or the parent, spends all day alone with their child whilst the other works. It’s normal. Except not for me. For almost 3 months, I’ve had hubby home all the time, no lone parenting for me at all.

Good news: hubby got a new job.

Bad news: I have to be a lone parenter!

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19 days to go, but more excitingly

Whilst I now have only 19 days left until my EDD (which obviously can be completely wrong), I 100% definitely have less than 2 hours of work left to go!

I woke up this morning aching all over – for the past week at least I have awoken with shoulders and arms aching, my legs being on the verge of numb and a very slight sore throat – but after a short while I declared “I never have to use my alarm again”.

It’s not actually that accurate, because I’m sure there will be reasons why I do need an alarm in my life, but for the foreseeable future I don’t. Not until Elvis arrives and he becomes my alarm clock, going off every 2 hours.

Poor hubby sat there and asked how he was supposed to wake up for work without my alarm and I told him that he could set his own alarm clock. He didn’t seem too happy.

Oh, well.

As long as I get two days next week to relax, watch tele, get up when I feel like it and go swimming during the day, then I’ll be happy and Elvis can come. Just two days, that’s all.

Knowing my luck, Elvis will be really well and truly late and I’ll get weeks of sitting at home, cleaning the same thing over and over and swimming at more peaceful times.

All I know right now is that I need to stop working. I wake up every 2-3 hours (so only really three times maximum overnight) to go to the toilet, but by the morning I ache from how I’ve slept. I’m annoyed with all trousers and would rather sit around half naked or wearing a blanket as a skirt/dress (not really appropriate for work). And my house is a mess because after work and swimming, I just want to sleep.

I need to be able to sleep at any time I want – especially after falling asleep at my desk one day last week! – and only worrying about the time I want to go swimming in.

Quite selfishly, I also want to actually post things on this blog and watch all the stuff on my Tivo. The question is, whilst my plans for maternity pre-Elvis are simple: watch Tivo, clean, sleep, blog; will Elvis scuppper them by coming early? Or will he drive me crazy by making me wait?

And is The Other Side, really only 19 days (+/-14) away!

~ Persephone M

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